Garavaglia still promises cig and compensation but it seems a jammed record

Here we go again. We could perhaps think of a column. Because we are still here talking about the minister Massimo Garavaglia and his promises (almost never kept). Sometimes it almost feels like you’re listening to a broken record. One of those old vinyls, now back in fashion, which enchanted themselves on the same track … Read more

Canadian court orders compensation for families of victims

People commemorate, on January 11, 2021, the victims of the crash of the Ukrainian airliner, shot down in January 2020 in Tehran by an Iranian missile. EBRAHIM NOROOZI / AP Almost two years after the tragedy, a Canadian court ordered, Monday, January 3, that financial compensation be paid in compensation to the families of six … Read more

In the United States, 600 million dollars in compensation for the victims of one of the worst health scandals in the country

A water tower in Flint, Michigan, in February 2016. REBECA COOK / REUTERS A US court on Wednesday, November 10 gave final approval to pay more than $ 600 million to victims poisoned by lead contamination of the drinking water network in the city of Flint, one of the worst health scandals in the USA. … Read more

Compensation supplement for hardship and unhealthy work advances in 2022

Foi published, this Tuesday, in Diário da República, the decree-law that fixes a remuneration supplement based on the performance of functions under difficult and unhealthy conditions, a measure that had already been approved by the Government. It takes effect early next year. “The supplement for hardship and unhealthy conditions provided for in this decree-law apply … Read more

Boeing could receive $ 237.5 million in compensation from directors

Boeing 737 MAXs parked at Boeing facilities at Grant County International Airport, Moses Lake, Washington, in November 2020. LINDSEY WASSON / REUTERS Boeing shareholders reached an out-of-court settlement with directors of the aircraft manufacturer, accused of negligence after the two 737 MAX accidents, providing for the payment of compensation to the company of $ 237.5 … Read more

From November: No more quarantine compensation for unvaccinated people |

Anyone who has not been vaccinated against Corona and has to be quarantined will no longer receive compensation for loss of earnings from November. Prime Minister Bouffier made this clear after the federal-state decision. Criticism comes from the DGB. Video contribution Video 01:56 Min. to the video Status of vaccinations in Hessen[Videoseite] Video End of … Read more

LOH 2021 Tokyo | The WWTP is willing to negotiate compensation due to the aviation special at the Olympics. Neusser? The biggest bottom, says Kejval

WWTP chairman Jiří Kejval and chief physician Jiří Neumann during a press conference Vlastimil Vacek, Right The chairman of the Czech Sports Union, Miroslav Jansta, called on the WWTP to compensate the athletes on Tuesday. Due to the infection of beach volleyball players Markéta Nausch Sluková and Ondřej Perušič, the volleyball association and the Sportfin … Read more

Teen Who Was FBI Informant Sues $ 100 Million In Compensation | Univision News United States

“I have lost my life,” said a sturdy, distressed-looking man of 52 years by name. Richard Wershe in front of a group of reporters last Tuesday after presenting a lawsuit demanding $ 100 million against the city of Detroit, two former FBI agents, two police officers and two former federal prosecutors. Wershe, known as ‘White … Read more

Trial in Rome for deaths in the corona pandemic

2The application comprises 099 pages, and 500 families of Covid-19 victims are demanding 100 million euros in damages from the Italian government. They want the Tribunal for Civil Proceedings on Viale Giulio Cesare in the heart of Rome to provide justice for a good 6,500 people who died in the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia … Read more

Dieselgate Volkswagen, the ruling: compensation for 63 thousand customers in Italy

The court of Venice concludes the Altroconsumo class action by providing for a liquidation of 3,300 euros plus interest, 50% to those who bought the used car or resold it A ruling that closes a historical phase already abundantly stigmatized by the same group from Wolfsburg, which requested and obtained compensation for damages of 11.2 … Read more