Gwyneth Paltrow invests in weed drink company Cann despite babysitting its founder when he just two

Gwyneth Paltrow has invested in a marijuana drink company owned by Luke Anderson, after being his babysitter when he was just two-years-old. The actress, 49, is backing cannabis-infused Cann, which cannot be sold in the co-founder’s home state of New York where recreational weed is illegal under federal law. Luke, who once shared a Manhattan … Read more

iCon Infrastucture wins the Sestrieres company for 90 million euros

As we had already anticipated at the beginning of the year, the British fund iCon Infrastructures acquired 100% of Sestrieres spa for 90 million euro by its current shareholders, Pubbli Gest di Giovanni Brasso and the ABC of Alessandro Perron Cabus. Founded in 1931 in the town of the same name, Sestrieres manages one of … Read more

OKC company to support NASA missions from Goddard Space Flight Center

An Oklahoma City company will help NASA explore space, providing critical software products, services, and engineering support for the next five years. Mitchell Vantage Systems won the $359 million contract to support missions from Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Goddard is home to operations  for the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes. The center also … Read more

The ambitious projects of Antonio Banderas – Cinema and Tv – Culture

Antonio Banderas had to stop a bulky schedule that had scheduled work on stage and new film productions. Now the Spanish actor is looking forward to retaking the musical rehearsals’Company’, which was almost ready to be seen in the Teatro Soho from Malaga (Spain). However, the functions were suspended due to possible contagion of covid-19 … Read more

A foreign company becomes a leader in the sale of cars in the US for the first time | Economy

A semi-autonomous P4 prototype based on the current Lexus LS500h sedan at the Toyota press conference during CES 2019, Las Vegas.ROBYN BECK (AFP) For the first time in history, a foreign manufacturer has been the leader in car and truck sales in the United States. In 2021, Japan’s Toyota seized the job from General Motors, … Read more

SpaceX’s Starlink to Refund Indian Consumers After Government Ordered the Company to Get a License First

(Photo : Unsplash/ANIRUDH) SpaceX Starlink SpaceX’s Starlink, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, told its consumers in India on Jan. 4 that it will be sending refunds to them and cancel their pre-orders. This decision came a month after the country told the space firm to stop booking the satellite internet service without a license. SpaceX’s … Read more

The Walt Disney Company: Meet Inclusive Costumes Inspired by Disney Characters

The little ones always enjoy themed parties and dressing up as their favorite characters when the occasion calls for it., which is why The Walt Disney Company has created costumes for special children, which are inspired by some of the iconic Disney characters. Inclusive costume inspired by The Incredibles. SPECIAL / COURTESY OF THE WALT … Read more

China consolidates its dominance over the exploitation of rare earths by creating a gigantic state company

Published: 1 ene 2022 22:20 GMT The merger of several companies responsible for 31% of China’s mining of these resources will not only further increase the Asian giant’s positions in the rare earth market, but will also give it a “trump card” in global competition and in its rivalry with the US, experts say. On … Read more

Devin Booker Joins The Elite Company Of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant As One Of The Youngest To 10,000 NBA Points

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker has officially joined the ranks of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Booker became the 7th youngest player to record 10,000 career points. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad The young star achieved this incredible feat against Oklahoma City Thunder. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad Devin Booker enters the top … Read more

Canberra company Skykraft prepares to launch satellites onboard SpaceX rocket

In an unassuming building on the old Canberra Institute of Technology campus in Reid, the largest ever Australian-made payload to go into space is being assembled. Key points: Seven satellites made in Canberra are being prepared for launch on a SpaceX rocket next year Skykraft’s executive chairman Mark Skidmore says commercial space launch companies have caused … Read more