Best Movies Like Joaquin Phoenix’s C’mon C’mon

Joaquin Phoenix’s latest movie C’mon C’mon is arguably one of the best dramas of 2021. Written and directed by Mike Mills, the movie traces the journey of a radio journalist and his young nephew. While both deal with their own emotional tussles, the duo starts bonding in unexpected ways. RELATED: 5 Ways Joker Is Joaquin Phoenix’s … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t want compliments for ‘C’mon C’mon’ role

Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t like to take a compliment.  On a recent phone call, filmmaker Mike Mills started to explain why he wanted to work with Phoenix on his new family drama “C’mon C’mon” when the actor politely but firmly cut him off.  “OK, all right, thanks for sharing. Next question?” Phoenix interjected. “You guys are … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix says that his role in ‘C’mon C’mon’ restored his love for acting

Hollywood legend has it that ornery comedy superstar W.C. Fields had one guiding principal for all of his movies: “Never work with animals or children.” Due respect to Fields, but Joaquin Phoenix — who shares the screen with 11-year-old Woody Norman in the acclaimed new drama, C’mon C’mon — would disagree. “Our old pal W.C. … Read more

How ‘C’mon C’mon’ Director Mike Mills Turned Joaquin Phoenix Into the Uncle That’s Going to Make Everyone Cry

Mike Mills makes personal films. Just how personal? That’s the question that he contends with, an ever-evolving relationship with his work that changes over the years between first being inspired to write a script and the movie finally coming out—or, in our case, over the course of an interview. It’s tricky terrain because the writer-director’s … Read more

Will Smith’s ‘King Richard’, Peter Dinklage Musical ‘Cyrano’, Joaquin Phoenix In ‘C’mon C’mon’, Ken Branagh’s ‘Belfast’ Set To Premiere

<img class=”size-dl-vertical wp-image-1202761994″ src=”; alt=”. – Credit: Deadline” width=”330″ height=”186″ srcset=” 330w,,85 150w,,169 300w,,70 125w,,140 250w,,166 296w,,139 248w,,112 200w,,152 270w,,34 60w,,62 110w,,161 285w,,180 320w” sizes=”(max-width: 330px) 100vw, 330px” />Deadline Keeping its lineup as secret as possible until the eve of its opening on … Read more