“Africa enters into a Chinese strategy of encircling the North by the South”

To not miss anything on African news, subscribe to the newsletter of World Africa from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of World Africa. Chinese President Xi Jinping appears on a giant screen in a shopping mall in Beijing during the … Read more

Difficulties are mounting in Chinese real estate

An aerial view shows the 39 buildings constructed by real estate developer Evergrande and on which local authorities have issued a demolition order, in Danzhou (Hainan province), China, January 6, 2022. ALY SONG / REUTERS The latest bad news for Evergrande comes from southern China: the government in Danzhou, on the tropical island of Hainan, … Read more

The Chinese ready-to-wear site Shein, a darling of young people in France

A supplier workshop in Shein, Panyu District, Guangzhou (Guangdong), China on November 24, 2021. RAUL ARIANO FOR “THE WORLD” Parents of teenagers know Shein inside out. Because the Chinese site – its name is the contraction of She Inside, literally “she inside”, in French – has imposed itself on the smartphones of their grandchildren in … Read more

the fight of Chinese peasants to conserve their plots of land

“Guanzhou, a new era” (2021), documentary by Boris Svartzman. MACALUBE FILMS THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – NOT TO BE MISSED Boris Svartzman, the author of this remarkable documentary, is a French photographer, sociologist and Sinophile who has frequented China for twenty years. Enough to have forged bonds of great trust with the inhabitants of … Read more

Zero Covid strategy to exhaustion in Chinese city of Xi’an

Nearly empty roads in Xi’an, north China’s Shaanxi Province, December 28, 2021. STR / AFP Ting still doesn’t know why she’s been shivering for three days in a mountain hotel three hours from her campus. On the night of Tuesday, December 28 to Wednesday, December 29, the students of Xi’an Aeronautical University were awakened by … Read more

Are 1.4 billion Chinese now unvaccinated?

Dhe statements by Christian Drosten sounded clear. His “greatest concern” now applies to China because the Chinese vaccine has “poor effectiveness” against the Omikron variant, said the Berlin virologist in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. That is “a real danger, also for the world economy”. Because “of course” Omikron will also come to China. … Read more

The 3 pillars of Chinese expansion in Latin America and the Caribbean in two years of pandemic

Cecilia Barría BBC News World 1 hour Image source, Reuters With the sale of millions of doses of vaccines, Beijing is giving a boost to its pharmaceutical industry and at the same time, analysts say, deepening its influence in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is what the West has called “covid diplomacy”, the sale … Read more

Chinese tennis player opens up for first time on rape accusations she has made

Peng Shuai on November 3, 2017, in Zhuhai, China. STR / AFP Since November 2, every photo or sequence showing Peng Shuai has been a closely scrutinized event. The Chinese tennis player, who had spoken of having been raped by a top Beijing regime leader, disappeared from circulation before making a few sporadic appearances, regularly … Read more

Chinese tech start-up sends bio-payload to space, a bold and steady step to build its own space lab

Photo: courtesy of Rocket Pi With 2021, the most ambitious and fruitful year in China’s aerospace history drawing to an end, the country has seen yet another major progress in its commercial aerospace sector with the successful launch of the HY-1 sub-orbital rocket on Friday, sending China’s first biological payload developed by a private Chinese … Read more

in Xiamen, Chinese photography reconnects with the past

View of the exhibition at the Jimei × Arles festival, in Xiamen (China), in 2021. JIMEI X ARLES INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL, XIAMEN, CHINE, 2021 Despite China’s “zero Covid” policy which, since March 2020, has prevented French and Chinese from meeting, despite the arrival, in 2020, of a new leadership at the Rencontres de la photographie … Read more