Jeep launches its first electrified Grand Cherokee, more luxurious and more capable 4×4 than ever

Jeep He is reaching his 80s in great shape and with an eye to the future. For example, just look at what he has just presented: neither more nor less than the first plug-in hybrid of the most awarded family of SUVs in history: the Grand Cherokee 4xe 2022, which is more luxurious, technological and … Read more

Ana Tijoux, the Chilean with Cherokee eyes who protests to the sound of rap

May 26, 2014 – Milano Ana Tijoux has long cherokee eyes, she raps in Spanish, her lyrics are busy and her priority is to go against clich├ęs. His song 1977 became very popular after being included in the soundtrack of an episode of the television series Breaking Bad, which she confesses she has never seen … Read more