“They buried an infamous story, who has to pay” – Libero Quotidiano

New year, “old” but very welcome introduction. We talk about the very first bars of CartaBianca, the talk show hosted by Bianca Berlinguer on Rai 3, and animated as always from his reinstatement onwards from Mauro Corona, the irrepressible writer and mountaineer, who takes stock of the events of the week, ranging from politics to … Read more

The beaches of Marseille buried under tons of waste after severe weather

A Marseille beach buried under garbage after torential rains on Monday, October 5. NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP The torrential rains and floods that occurred Monday in Marseille had an unexpected impact: they carried tons of waste on the beaches and at sea, reviving the debate on the cleanliness of the city. On the beach at … Read more

Four workers buried in lime accident at a company in Maia

© DR MEDIA&MEIOS contributes to making this information open and free for everyone to read. The workers were hit with lime and were assisted on site, having been referred to the Hospital de São João. Four workers suffered an accident with waste at Lipor this Saturday morning, August 7th. They will have been buried and … Read more

Sneaker Pimps buried the hatchet. With the clip to “Fighter” they open a new chapter

This return has been speculated for many years – Chris Corner himself often spoke of it in hints. It’s been two decades since the release of Sneaker Pimps’ latest Bloodsport album. This delay will end at the beginning of September with a novelty called “Squaring The Circle”, which is now attracted by the video single … Read more

Ddl Zan, over 1000 amendments: 700 from the League alone, even Italia viva presents 4. Zan (Pd): ‘This is how the law is buried, nothing but dialogue’

The ddl Zan, submerged by over a thousand amendments, is now in danger of being postponed until September. As expected, they are dozens of requests for changes presented by the center-right (and not only) to bill against omtransphobia: a mass so imposing as to make any dialogue difficult, unlike what has been promised these days … Read more