Alec Baldwin Firing Incident: Guns Responsible for “Rust” Does Not Know Where Real Bullets Came From – Current Events

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, gun officer at the low-budget western “Rust”, says she “has no idea where the real bullets came from” that were recovered by authorities during the investigation into the Alec Baldwin shooting that killed the director of photography Halyna Hutchins. The version comes through a statement from its lawyers, who say the 24-year-old gunsmith … Read more

An assistant director handed Alec Baldwin a prop gun without knowing or notifying him that it was loaded with real bullets.

Actor Alec Baldwin received a gun loaded with real bullets without knowing they were during the filming of the film Rust on New Mexico, and shot it, killing the director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, and wounding the film’s director, Joel Souza. An assistant director told the actor that it was safe to use the weapon … Read more

face disfigured by bullets, Taliban horror in front of relatives – Libero Quotidiano

It is a moral duty to tell such stories, however violent they are. It is used to keep attention on theAfghanistan, whose problems inherent in the lack of respect for human rights and in particular for women remain all, even and especially after the departure from Kabul of the Americans and the various Western forces. … Read more

A man shoots the police in the middle of the street, he is neutralized by bullets

Illustration. (Obatala-photography/shutterstock) A 19-year-old young man opened fire on the police this Saturday afternoon in the city center of Saint-Étienne (Loire), before being neutralized by bullets. He is seriously injured and hospitalized. A second suspect was also arrested. The two accomplices are suspected of posing as police to extort their victims. Shooting in the middle … Read more

The End of the Affair, by Graham Greene. Asteroid Books

In this cursed summer I again enjoy reading The End of the Affair. Possibly the best Graham Greene novel. Written back in 1946 in a London disfigured by bombs, which has lost its majesty as an admirable metropolis. Thank you for your challenging and committed social dialogue. This complex story, trembling of its journey in … Read more