“What If …?” of Marvel breaks its own rules in the most excellent of apocalypses | CRITICISM | Disney + | What if | Ultron | Watcher | Jeffrey Wright | Watchman | Vision | Multiverse | | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more Another day, another apocalypse that presents “What If…?”, The animated series from Marvel Studios. At this point, unleashing the end of the world has been a constant in this series, as well as knowing that the Watcher is still in place, an unfazed witness to the events of … Read more

Ben Affleck breaks the silence and finally talks about his plans with JLo

It was just 17 years ago when the couple decided to separate after some time in relationship, but now, JLo and Ben Affleck have decided to pick up the story right where they left off. Celebrities started dating right in the early 2000s, but their lives were much more different than he imagined, as he … Read more

Eliza Scanlen Breaks Hearts In Pitch-Black Coming-of-age Film Babyteeth

Fresh from playing a psychopath in Sharp Objects and Beth in Little Women, Eliza Scanlen unpacks shaving her head and subverting romantic cancer-teen film stereotypes in Babyteeth. IFC Films IFC Films There is a moment in Babyteeth where Eliza Scanlen cranks up the music (the spirited strings of Sudan Archives’ “Come Meh Way” cuts through … Read more

NASA probe breaks two world records, now fastest object ever built

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has just completed its 10th pass of the Sun, and during its fly-by, it smashed two world records. VIEW GALLERY – 2 IMAGES The NASA probe made an extremely close encounter with the Sun on November 21, 2021, at 4:35 am EST. The probe was just 5.3 million miles away from … Read more

Faced with Eric Zemmour, the mayor of Geneva breaks with traditional Swiss neutrality

The current mayor of Geneva, Frédérique Perler, in 2020. MARTIAL TREZZINI/KEYSTONE-ATS “This gentleman is not welcome. Its presence is not opportune in a place managed by the city; which would make her complicit in the spread of hate messages (…) We would be in total contradiction with the policies that we lead and with the … Read more

Dakota Johnson cheekily smirks in 19th-century clothes as she breaks character to sip a coffee

She’s been busy filming for a new Netflix adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion in Bath.   And Dakota Johnson, 31, flashed a smile on Wednesday as she enjoyed a modern-day takeaway coffee in her 19th-century costume while filming alongside Nikki Amuka-Bird, who will play widow Lady Russell and Henry Golding, who will play Mr. Elliot, Dakota’s onscreen cousin … Read more

Jackie Chan breaks the silence on his supposed contagion of coronavirus

In recent days, many rumors abounded about whether the Chinese actor and martial artist Jackie Chan had been infected with coronavirus, this after attending a meeting where his participants would have been exposed to the virus. Along with the reports of his alleged contagion, questions began to arise about whether the actor had been quarantined … Read more

by making the vaccine compulsory for the entire population, Austria breaks a taboo

Christmas market in Vienna on November 12, 2021. GEORG HOCHMUTH / AFP Is it innovation or panic? Faced with the fourth wave of Covid-19, Austria has, in any case, decided to once again take radical and unique decisions in Europe, Friday, November 19, by deciding both to reintroduce general containment on Monday and, from February … Read more

Mahershala Ali breaks down his debut as Blade

Caution: This post contains SPOILERS for Eternals  Marvel never makes a movie that doesn’t set up another movie, and its latest venture Eternals was no exception. In the mid-credits scene, mild-mannered museum employee Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) toys with the idea of picking up the Ebony Blade, a historical weapon with a grave curse laid upon it. To … Read more