Breaking Bad: The Time Bryan Cranston Became A Murder Suspect In Real Life | Netflix series | FAME

For many “Breaking Bad” It is one of the best series that has starred Bryan Cranston. The actor gave life to Walter White, a chemistry professor diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and who, after the news, being able to raise the necessary money for his family becomes his only obsession. In that process, he becomes … Read more

Bryan Cranston, Walter White in “Breaking Bad”, joined the cast of Wes Anderson’s new film Spain Hollywood celebs NNDC | SHOWS

Bryan Cranston, well known for the series “Breaking Bad” (2008-2013), will also be part of the magnificent cast of the film that Wes Anderson is going to shoot in Spain, The Hollywood Reporter magazine said Tuesday. SIGHT: Scarlett Johansson joins the new film that Wes Anderson will shoot in Spain The signing of Cranston was … Read more

Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad and the time he was suspected of an actual murder | Netflix series | SPORTS-PLAY

For many, “Breaking Bad” It is one of the best series that Bryan Cranston has starred in. The actor played Walter White, a chemistry professor diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and after the news, his only obsession is to think about how he can raise the money necessary to pay the support of his family. … Read more

Bryan Cranston reveals why ‘Breaking Bad’ would have been a terrible movie

Photo: Bryan Cranston reveals why ‘Breaking Bad’ would have been a terrible movie / Via AMC The protagonist of ‘Breaking Bad’, Bryan Cranston, explained why he thinks that the story of his character, Walter White, it wouldn’t have worked in the movies. The series created by Vince Gilligan, follow the story of Walter White, a … Read more

Actor Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad, visits the Mexico Pavilion in Dubai

American actor Bryan Cranston (March 7, 1956), protagonist Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the middle, visited the Mexico Pavilion in the Expo 2020 Dubai, which is carried out within the framework of Universal Exhibitions that for 170 years “have provided a platform to showcase the greatest innovations that have shaped the world”, as well as … Read more

Meet the Eco-Friendly home of Bryan Cranston, the famous ‘Walter White’ from ‘Breaking Bad’

Bryan Cranston is looking for the owner of his Eco Friendly mansion in California. Foto: Kevin Winter / Getty Images The actor Bryan Cranston, 64 years old and who is remembered for having given life to ‘Walter White’ in the series ‘Breaking Bad’ decided to put the Eco-Friendly mansion he owns up for sale in … Read more

Bryan Cranston shows his concern for his “friend” Bob Odenkirk | celebs | nndc | TVMAS

Lima, July 28, 2021Updated on 07/28/2021 03:56 pm The actor Bryan Cranston on Wednesday showed his concern for the health of his “friend” Bob Odenkirk, who was hospitalized on Tuesday in the state of New Mexico (USA) after fainting during the filming of the series “Better Call Saul.” “Today I woke up with news that … Read more

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Pablo Motos interviewed Cranston by videoconference. / Atresmedia The presenter interviewed the actor in ‘El Hormiguero’ and managed to reveal one of the best kept secrets of the famous television series Everyone knows him as Walter White, the charismatic protagonist of the series ‘Breaking bad’, but Bryan Cranston has shown that he knows how to … Read more

Bryan Cranston doesn’t want to be remembered for ‘Breaking Bad’

Photo: Bryan Cranston does not want to be remembered for ‘Breaking Bad’ / Via AMC Starring in a series as successful as it was ‘Breaking Bad’ It has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it can give an actor many facilities, fame and money, however, it could also truncate his future options the … Read more

Netherlands – a country in the stranglehold of drug gangs?

There are many indications that a notorious drug gang is behind the attack on the star reporter de Vries. She has great influence in the Netherlands – and the police seem powerless. “The Bunker” is the name given by Amsterdam residents to the unadorned building in the Osdorp district. A 1990s-style office building, two floors, … Read more