Kenneth Branagh stars on the cover of Gentleman January

Those fans who approach the cinema as a mere spectator, with no knowledge other than those derived from the momentary enjoyment of each film, without handling names, dates or trajectories, may legitimately be wondering what Kenneth Branagh we are talking about. From the director who in the 90s earned a deserved respect for his mastery, … Read more

Critica a “Belfast” (2021) de Kenneth Branagh

Review of “Belfast” by director Kenneth Branagh with Jamie Dornan, Judi Dench and Caitríona Balfe. A boy plays knightly war with his friends using makeshift toys. Suddenly real violence erupts on his street when a group of Protestant rioters attack the homes of Catholics in this by then well-organized part of Belfast. It’s August 1969 … Read more

Aaron Sorkin, Kenneth Branagh, Tracey Scott Wilson, Adam McKay and Paolo Sorrentino Discuss the Future of Movie Theaters and Tailoring Scripts for Actors

For Variety’s FYC Fest, screenwriters Aaron Sorkin (“Being the Ricardos”), Paolo Sorrentino (“The Hand of God”), Adam McKay (“Don’t Look Up”), Tracey Scott Wilson (“Respect”) and Kenneth Branagh (“Belfast”) gathered virtually to discuss their own individual movies, as well as the state of the film business. McKay kicked off the conversation by talking about how … Read more

Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh: The Real Harry Potter Love Triangle

Warner Bros. | Warner Bros Pictures | Warner Bros. Maybe Harry Potter It was thought of as a children’s franchise, especially after its debut as a film series in 2001. However, adult drama almost always pushed behind the scenes. If you thought the movies had awkward love triangles, wait until you hear about the one … Read more

Reviews: Review of “Belfast” by Kenneth Branagh

The celebrated actor does not appear this time on the screen, but he is responsible for the script and direction of this autobiographical film set in the convulsed Northern Ireland of 1969. The premiere in theaters in Argentina is announced for March 10 next. Belfast (UK / 2021). Script and direction: Kenneth Branagh. Cast: Jude … Read more

shows him human, in his last years

The world is a stage and men and women are mere actors, wrote William Shakespeare, unaware that his own life would be recreated by actors and actresses who remain fascinated by the power of his legacy. One of them is Kenneth Branagh, who has just premiered in Latin America Everything is true (All is True), … Read more