NASA Perseverance rover snaps stunning news Mars photos after communications blackout

NASA’s Perseverance rover has sent back some incredible new images from Mars after a temporary communications blackout. The rover had to stand down recently due to a two-week solar conjunction in which Mars slipped behind the sun from the Earth’s perspective, reports. During this time, command communications from Earth to Mars can become disrupted, … Read more

At Mars, China’s Tianwen 1 orbiter and Zhurong rover are back in action after a radio blackout

A panoramic image taken by Zhurong released on announcement of the end of the solar conjunction period. (Image credit: CNSA/PEC) China’s Tianwen 1 orbiter and Zhurong rover are once again active at Mars following a communications blackout caused by the sun interfering with radio signals sent from Earth. Tianwen 1 and Zhurong had been in … Read more

Kladno blackout and shocked comet coach: Twenty people from Bohnice came to play hockey

Brno coach Jiří Kalous. Václav Šálek, ČTK It was a pretty decent madhouse in the first period. The knights, whose owner Jaromír Jágr returned to the line-up after a one-match break caused by an injury, scored a single goal in the last two extra-league duels, but now in the opening act they set three for … Read more

In Lebanon, partial return of electricity after a total blackout

The headquarters of the national company Electricité du Liban was damaged in the explosion at the port of Beirut in August 2020. ANWAR AMRO / AFP The electricity network in Lebanon was partially put back into service on Sunday October 10 after a total blackout the day before, the production of electricity having been made … Read more

NASA Mars missions facing 2-week communications blackout as sun blocks Red Planet

NASA plans to pause most of its robotic Mars exploration efforts in October for safety reasons associated with the Red Planet’s position in space. On Oct. 7, Mars will reach a position in its orbit called solar conjunction, which happens every two years when the planet moves behind the sun from Earth’s perspective. The sun’s … Read more

Messi’s blackout in Paris and Ronaldo’s light in Manchester

Eduardo Pedrosa Costa Yesterday at 3:59 pm The two football stars have switched clubs this season and with each challenge come new expectations. However, Cristiano is having an immediate income unlike Messi who has not yet managed to get off the ground as expected. The summer 2021 transfer window saw Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo … Read more

Blackout in Dresden: power failure paralyzed the entire city!

13.09.2021 16:04 151.448 Blackout in Dresden: power failure paralyzes the entire city! There is a large-scale power failure in the Saxon state capital Dresden. By Holger Köhler-Kaeß, Benjamin Richter Dresden – There is a large-scale power outage in the Saxon state capital. Thousands of households as well as shops, traffic lights and trams are without electricity. … Read more

Zhurong Mars rover returns panorama ahead of planetary blackout

China’s Mars rover Zhurong has produced a remarkable new panorama of its surroundings in Utopia Planitia to mark 100 days of activity on the Red Planet as preparations continue for the rover to spend more than a month in safe mode this autumn. The six-wheeled, solar-powered rover has covered 3,491 feet (1,064 meters) since rolling … Read more

A “blackout” on Instagram? Social network has already been notified of problems experienced by users – Internet

Are you having difficulties accessing Instagram? There are several users all over the world who have similar problems, in particular with regard to updating the feed of the popular application on the Facebook network. Speaking to SAPO TEK, an official Facebook source indicates that the company has already been notified of the existence of problems … Read more