Benedict Cumberbatch stars in film adaptation of Thomas Savage book

“Although the facts are not widely known, Thomas Savage, though he married and had children, was himself a closeted gay man who carried on a long adulterous gay affair that he kept secret from his family. In fact, Savage and his male lover were even ‘married’ in a ‘commitment ceremony’ performed in Massachusetts.” (Montana Standard, … Read more

Why did Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart split? A look at who ‘Riverdale’ stars are dating

The riveting teen drama ‘Riverdale’ is back after taking a mid-season break and is set to enthrall viewers with high-voltage drama. Season 5 of the critically-acclaimed show has already aired 10 episodes and will be back with Episode 11 on Wednesday, August 11. A lot has been happening this season and we are seeing a … Read more

Actor Asia Kate Dillon Relishes Role in new ‘John Wick’ Movie | Film | A&E

(WB) The creative team on “John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum,” out Friday, May 17, liked actor Asia Kate Dillon’s trademark neck tattoo enough to let it be seen in their role as the Adjudicator. It’s so prominent, Dillon is used to covering it when they act.  The character is all business but the tattoo, … Read more

Marvel | Ryan Reynolds wants Deadpool to be bisexual | Spoiler

When The Walt Disney Company bought the Fox network, one of the most anticipated commercials for fans was the addition of Deadpool to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although this has not yet occurred. However, it is known that the character will have his third film and Ryan Reynolds He has already made the request not … Read more