Angelina Jolie still sends Christmas presents to Harry’s son, Billy Bob Thornton’s ex-son: ‘She was so cool’

Read the article Jolie was previously married to Slingshot actor, who shares sons Harry and William with his ex-wife Pietra Dawn Chernyak, Amanda with ex-wife Melissa Lee Gatlin and his youngest daughter, Bella, with wife connie england — from May 2000 to May 2003. “I never felt good enough for her,” Billy Bob previously said. … Read more

This is the only reason Billy Bob Thornton divorced Angelina Jolie

Billy Bob Thornton y Angelina Jolie Getty Although some may not remember it, there was a time when Angelina Jolie was married to another man who was not Brad Pitt. In fact, it was with two: first with Jonny Lee Miller, her husband from 1996 to 1999; and then with Billy Bob Thornton, with whom … Read more

Billy Crystal and Jimmy Fallon tell funny stories about Robin Williams | THE PRESS

A month ago, Billy Crystal dedicated a heartfelt tribute to his old friend Robin Williams, who committed suicide on Monday, August 11, 2014 after suffering from severe depression. Thursday night in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the comedian spoke of the tribute and shared some of his favorite stories with Williams. First, Fallon congratulated … Read more

Billy Bob Thornton: “I’ve reached the bottom and got up a dozen times” | TV

Billy Bob Thornton, in the series ‘Goliath’. Neither David nor Goliath. My name is Gary ”, Billy Bob Thornton starts his interview with EL PAÍS. He talks about his last acting job in front of Goliath, the eight-episode legal drama that is now available in Spain through Amazon Prime Video. Thornton likes to clarify that … Read more

His Family’s Quirky Jobs and More Billy Bob Thornton Trivia

When we talk about veteran actors of today, we can think of a few, but not all reach the level of Billy Bob Thornton. The interpreter has known how to become a luxury secondary over the years, capable of putting himself in the shoes of any character that is proposed to him. Billy Bob Thornton … Read more

Billy Crystal, a comedy classic: “Only in independent cinema are there stories about people with real emotions”

What reflections does a story generate in you about the friendship of two men of different generations facing severe crises? Stop to think about the passage of time, at least not, says Billy Crystal (72), letting out his characteristic laugh, in conversation with Culto. In his always-fast style, he adds via video call: “I love … Read more

Billy Zane’s uneven career after the success of Titanic | TV and Show

Probably the name of Billy Zane does not sound like many people, but if we talk about Cal Hockley, the villain of Titanic, most movie lovers will know who we mean. Zane was the actor who at the age of 30 participated in one of the most remembered films in history and winner of 11 … Read more

Actor Billy Zane will make a sporadic appearance on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Billy Zane interpretará a P.T. Barnum en ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ As published exclusively on the Entertainment Weekly website, the actor Billy Zane will participate in one of the episodes of the third season of ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘. Zane will play a mid-19th century entertainer and circus performer known as P.T. Barnum (Phineas Taylor Barnum). The … Read more

Why didn’t Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie’s marriage work out?

Before Brad Pitt – her now ex-husband and father of her six children – crossed her path, Angelina Jolie I had already formed together with Billy Bob Thornton one of the most mediatic couples in Hollywood at the beginning of this millennium. The two actors were married for three years, until 2003, coinciding with the … Read more