the couple who put the “gluers” at the top of the bill

Marie Perennès and Simon Depardon, the two directors of the documentary “Riposte féministe”. RAYMOND DEPARDON Since 2019, on the walls of metropolitan areas and the storefronts of small towns in France, messages pasted, letter by letter, all black on a white background, challenge passers-by against gender-based violence. Marie Perennès and Simon Depardon set out to … Read more

Bill Murray Co-Star Keke Palmer Slams Unprofessional Behavior

By Nathan Kamal | 3 mins ago It has been approximately 24 hours since it was reported that the abrupt halt in production on the upcoming film Being Mortal was because of alleged inappropriate behavior by star Bill Murray, and things are accelerating. While the production cancelation was initially suspected to be due to the … Read more

Vaccination pass: the bill definitively adopted, the Constitutional Council seized

By a last vote of the National Assembly, Parliament definitively adopted this Sunday the controversial bill establishing the vaccination pass from the age of 16. The government wants to see it come into force as soon as possible in the face of the “tidal wave” of the Omicron variant. The text was approved by 215 … Read more

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have a Bill & Ted’s reunion in Malibu over coffee and motorcycles

They’re great friends onscreen and off. And on Wednesday, Bill & Ted’s co-stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter were seen enjoying an outing in Malibu, California, grabbing a coffee and going out for a ride on their motorcycles. Reeves, 57, donned a black jacket over a black top with black pants and brown boots. He … Read more

Bill Murray has confirmed that he will be a villain in the Marvel movie

Actor Bill Murray has revealed that his role for ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ is different from the usual heroes and caring characters he has done in the past. Speaking to former New York Giants player Eli Manning on his show ‘The Eli Manning Show,’ The actor confirmed that his new role in a Marvel movie will be none other than one of the villains, but did not give details of what exactly it will be.

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the bill finally adopted at first reading in the Assembly

Vote on the law “strengthening the tools for managing the health crisis”, at the National Assembly, January 6, 2022. BRUNO LEVY FOR “THE WORLD” After the “curtain roll”, lower the curtain. The bill which aims to transform the health pass into a vaccination pass was finally adopted at first reading by the deputies around 5.30 … Read more

‘Minamata’ Full Cast List: Meet Johnny Depp, Bill Nighy, Hiroyuki Sanada and others stars in film on Japan’s mercury poisoning

‘Minamata’, the Johnny Depp starrer based on real events, is all set to hit theatres in the US on February 5, 2021. The film is adapted from the book of the same name by photographer Eugene Smith. The story centres around the horrific history of mercury poisoning in coastal areas of Minamata, Japan. It follows … Read more

In the National Assembly, the examination of the bill on the vaccine pass suspended following the words of Emmanuel Macron

Suspension of the session at the National Assembly after the words of Emmanuel Macron in “Le Parisien”, in Paris, January 5, 2022. BRUNO LEVY / DIVERGENCE FOR “THE WORLD” Are we witnessing the beginnings of a political crisis over the government’s health strategy, a hundred days before the presidential election? For the second consecutive evening, … Read more

consideration of the bill begins with heated debates in the National Assembly

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, and Yaël Braun-Pivet (La République en marche), chairman of the Law Commission, during the debate on the health pass in the National Assembly, in Paris, on January 3, 2022. BRUNO LEVY FOR “THE WORLD” The debate on the vaccine pass is open to Parliament. MPs are the first to … Read more