Jeff Bezos’s Orbital Reef space station could replace the ISS

After more than two decades in orbit, NASA is preparing to retire the International Space Station. The habitable satellite only has permission to operate until 2024, and while it’s likely that the space station’s funding could be extended until 2028, NASA plans to decommission the ISS and find a replacement by the end of the … Read more

How did Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin fail to dominate the billionaire space race? | Blue Origin

The billionaire space race is only a race by name. In actuality, there is SpaceX – and everyone else. Only the company founded by Elon Musk nearly two decades ago has sent a rocket booster into orbit and landed it safely again. Only SpaceX has landed a rocket the size of a 15-storey building on … Read more

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Wants NASA To Pay Its Legal Fees

The bottom of SpaceX’s Starship Super Heavy booster with its 29 Raptor engines. This booster should be responsible for lifting the Starship lunar lander to Earth orbit, however SpaceX’s precise plans are unknown. Image: SpaceX/Twitter The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) decision to award Hawthorne, California-based aerospace launch services provider Space Exploration Technologies Corp … Read more