Napalm Death veterans kick ass with younger bands with the new song “Narcissus”

The Grindcore veterans of Napalm Death are still an enormously active group and do not lose their relevance even after forty years. They proved it with their well-received album last year “Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism” and the strong release is confirmed by the newly released single “Narcissus”. He also announces the … Read more

The return of independents. Bands start to move on stage

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Since March 2020, the most varied cultural events have been canceled and banned to prevent the spread of Covid-19 transmission, which is more frequent in large agglomerations of people. Now, with the advance of vaccination against the disease and the decrease in the number of cases and deaths, social … Read more

The dark rituals of the bands Belphegor and Batushky heated the Futurum club. Circumstances in spite of

“Black rituals”. This is the name of the tour, which is dominated by two resounding names in European metal, Belphegor and Batushka. They were accompanied by three promising associations from all over the world, and it was a very successful intense evening, which did not cancel even the newly established state of emergency. Live: Batushka, … Read more

The trade wind blows kind and JAR is still one of the most energetic bands in our country

It is a certainty to go to any concert of South Africa’s home strikes. And when it’s their regular annual concert, always held around November 17, something special can be expected. The first of three scheduled performances at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague took place on Monday. And it was a celebration as it … Read more

The Card Counter is a bleak and repetitive effort mildly saved by the presence of Oscar Isaac: Sydney Film Festival review

Kenny Rogers so famously told us “You gotta know when to fold ’em”, and in The Card Counter writer/director Paul Schrader seems unsure as to which hand he wants to confidently play.  It’s not that this film is poorly made, nor is his commitment to the representation of desolation anything other than pure, but it’s … Read more

New Beatles Documentary portrays the band’s relationship with India

short Music Non Stop no Facebook In day October 29th, will be released, via Screen Records, a documentary showing scenes from the period the Beatles spent in Rishikesh, in India. It’s the first serious exploration of how India shaped the development of the biggest band and its own role linking two very different cultures. The … Read more

New Meat Substitutes are Winning Hearts and Mouths by Focusing on Taste and Texture

More people than ever are convinced things need to change, but we also really like meat. We humans may be omnivores, but we really like meat. Some 86 percent of people surveyed by data-gatherer Statista say their diet includes meat. So, when you read articles about “strong trends toward veganism” or with provocative headlines such … Read more

Chris Martin’s kids make Coldplay’s new album a family affair

Yes, Coldplay just scored a No. 1 hit, “My Universe,” with global sensation BTS. But on the band’s new album “Music of the Spheres,” out Friday, there are some even more special guests: namely Chris Martin’s two children with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, Apple and Moses. Apple, 17, co-wrote the breakup ballad “Let Somebody Go” — … Read more

Colors of Ostrava 2022 are confirmed by Princess Nokia, Hiromi, Fatoumat Diawar, Medusa and other bands from all over the world

Almost forty new foreign names of all genres are added to the program of the next year by the international festival Colors Of Ostrava. Among them are the radical New York rapper Princess Nokia, the genius Japanese jazz pianist Hiromi, the Malian singer Fatoumat Diawar (pictured) or the stars of electronic music Medusa and Bakermat. … Read more