And the cinema? They also invented it | Babelia

King Vidor and producer Irving Thalberg (second and third from left) attend a shoot with Lillian Gish.Corbis They were born in the 19th century and caused an uproar in the 20th and those to come with their impressive inventions. They revolutionized science, thought, psychiatry. They denied truths that were considered immutable. They were great. Their … Read more

The art of the interview | Babelia

It was June 1952 when a duo of young interviewers visited the elegant office of the then established British writer EM Forster at King’s College, Cambridge. They recorded the Edwardian-style furniture, the pictures on the walls, and the “solicitous but firm” tone of the author of Passage to India, and they engaged in an extensive … Read more

Some stories from History | Babelia

Actors Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in ‘Gone with the Wind’ (1939). Courtesy Everett Collection 1. Crusades Since the first speaking hominin broke the buffalo femur that he used as a mace on the head of the rival who was contesting a piece, thousands of memorable phrases have been said (and, later, written) about the … Read more

Max Brooks: “Rousseau was an idiot, you can’t play with nature” | Babelia

Max Brooks (New York, 48 years old) is not obsessed with the end of the world. Actually, the author of World War Z, son of the illustrious Mel Brooks, director of the cult film Young Frankenstein, and the even more illustrious Anne Bancroft, an actress of countless distinctions, only exorcises demons when she writes. And, … Read more