It will be a bumper year for big space launches to the Moon, Mars, and asteroids

It will be a bumper year for big space launches to the Moon, Mars, and asteroids, including many staffed flights, but the real shocker is the number of satellites and spaceships being launched by private companies. Never mind Elon Musk’s twelve-thousand-small-satellite Starlink program, which is already becoming a traffic hazard after only 1,892 satellites have … Read more

Mars, moon, asteroids – Nasa, Esa, SpaceX and Co. have these plans for 2022

fromTanja Banner shut down A focus of space travel in 2022 will be on the moon, but Mars, asteroids and astronautical space travel will not miss out either. The plans of Nasa, Esa and Co. Frankfurt – The space travel year 2021 had some big highlights: missions of the US space organization Nasa, the Chinese … Read more

This Metal-Rich, Potato-Shaped Asteroid Could Be Worth $10 Quintillion | Smart News

If found to be made of metal and a planetesimal, Psyche could reveal what the inside of planets like Earth looks like underneath the layers of mantle and crust, and further help researchers understand how the Solar System formed. NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU In August 2022, NASA will send a space probe to an asteroid dubbed 16 Psyche that resides … Read more

Asteroids & Meteorites: Spectacular Event – This is how you can see Comet “C / 2021 A1 Leonard” in the sky

11.12.2021 19:04 586 Spectacular event: This is how you can see comet “C / 2021 A1 Leonard” in the sky A comet and hundreds of meteors burning up in the atmosphere are expected in the night and morning skies over Germany. Germany – The coming days could be a spectacle for onlookers and stargazers. A comet … Read more

NASA reveals number of asteroids near Earth, and what hasn’t been foun

NASA 360 posted a video to its YouTube that’s a part of its Planetary Defense series that is detailing asteroids that are close to Earth. The video was posted to the channel back in October and was recently shared to the NASA 360 Twitter account, where NASA posed itself the question, “What do we know … Read more

‘Concerning’ asteroid will break into Earth’s orbit in a week: NASA

NASA has warned that a giant asteroid bigger than the Eiffel Tower will break into Earth’s orbit in just over a week. The huge 1,082 foot space rock is heading our way and should skim past us on December 11. Nasa has its eye on Asteroid 4660 Nereus because it’s well over 492 foot long … Read more

Trojan Asteroids Mission: Lucy Spacecraft’s Instruments Working Normally, says NASA | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel

Illustration of Lucy spacecraft. (NASA) After facing some issues with one of its solar panels, NASA’s Lucy spacecraft is now working normally and all instruments onboard are powering well, the US space agency has said. Lucy is NASA’s first-ever mission to explore distant asteroids and seek out the origin of our solar system. Barely a … Read more

ESO VLT Observes 42 Of the Largest Asteroids in the Solar System

With the help of ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, astronomers acquired images of 42 of the largest objects in the asteroid belt, situated between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Never before has such a large group of asteroids been photographed so clearly. The observations reveal a wide variety of peculiar shapes, from … Read more

Monsters in the Sky, Asteroids, Molten Ring & Mars Sample Return

With the charming name of SDSS J0146-0929, this is a galaxy cluster — a monstrous collection of hundreds of galaxies all shackled together in the unyielding grip of gravity. The mass of this galaxy cluster is large enough to severely distort the space-time around it, creating the odd, looping curves that almost encircle the center … Read more

Dozens of asteroids will pass close to Earth in the next few days (one the size of a large skyscraper) | Univision Science News

According to the forecast of the Center, two of them spent this Saturday near our planet and in the next few days others will follow. Another two are expected for this Sunday: asteroids 2021 TJ12 and 2021 TH13, between 55 and 124 feet (17 and 38 meters) and between 20 and 46 feet (6.2 and … Read more