gives tips on destinations for solo travel

PANROTAS / Rene Castro Thailand is one of the destinations on the list According to research from, solo travel is a trend that is gaining traction. Platform data before the pandemic showed that only 25% of Brazilian travelers planned to travel alone, and now, 39% of them say they plan to go solo in … Read more

this is the new face of Mickey Rourke after another cosmetic surgery

The Hollywood actor gave an interview to a British program and was surprised by the shocking change in his face. The reaction on social media In an interview for British television, Mickey Rourke surprised everyone by the deterioration of his face: he underwent many surgeries and looks like another person. The Hollywood actor, Mickey Rourke, … Read more

Kel 12 returns to South America between Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia

2022 good intentions for Kel 12 also include South America. The Milanese tour operator has in fact decided to plan a series of itineraries in the southern part of the New World for next year which include Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia. Because “a trip to South America is an emotion that accompanies you between … Read more

In Argentina, dinners with friends in the political world, a growing passion for astrology

LETTER FROM BUENOS AIRES Argentine legislative candidate Victoria Tolosa Paz defends astrology on the set of the television channel America Vivo, September 7, 2021. YOUTUBE / AMERICA VIVO By declining his sign and his ascendant, we already thought we had shown a white paw. But here it is, the other question, put to the tune … Read more

how is the plan that would start in 2024

This Friday it was known that the ten selected South Americans will join an expanded UEFA Nations League since 2024according to UEFA Vice President Zbigniew Boniek. Boniek indicated that the six best-ranked South American nations, which today are Argentina, Brasilm, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay, would be added to League A of the UEFA Nations … Read more

Minerva has begun the journey that will take her to Argentina for her debut cruise

Minerva left Helsinki for Argentina. From the port of Ushuaia, on December 29th, the first ship of the Swan Hellenic fleet will set sail for the debut cultural expedition cruise: a ten-day trip to Antarctica. The Minerva was delivered on December 3, after the baptism of November 23 and three days of sea trials. First … Read more

In Argentina, Cristina Kirchner dismissed in a money laundering case

Cristina Kirchner and her two children, Florencia and Maximo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 10, 2011. DANIEL GARCIA / AFP Argentina’s Vice-President Cristina Kirchner and her two children, Florencia and Maximo, were dismissed in the vast Los Sauces money laundering case, named after a family-owned real estate business, justice announced on Friday. November 26. … Read more

Superbike, the 125th anniversary of Kawasaki: how the special liveries were born

In Argentina, for its anniversary, the Akashi manufacturer sent Rea and Lowes to the track with special ZX-10RRs, inspired by iconic models that also recall Tom Cruise and Top Gun: let’s see them Kawasaki turns 125! It was October 15, 1896, when Shozo Kawasaki started his own business, initially building small boats, then dedicating himself … Read more

Ghostbusters add Paul Rudd and time jumps with Anya Taylor-Joy

The saga is safe. If the first reinvention of Ghostbusters was in a feminine tone and somewhat failed in repercussion, now it is relaunched with a format that refers to the beginning of the story, back in 1984. And it assumes it from the title in its version for Latin America: “Ghostbusters : the legacy”. … Read more

Kim Basinger bought a town and ruined it: the story

The eccentricity bankrupted the sex symbol of the late eighties as he bought her for several million dollars and sold her for much less In 1989, Kim Basinger was the undisputed ex-symbol and a woman with an opaque present. The film Nine and a Half Weeks, along with Mickey Rourke, was an explosion of fame. … Read more