This would have been Atari Playland, a spectacular arcade with a miniature amusement park

Dazzling new photos emerge from Atari Playground, an arcade canceled after the 1983 crash with footage shot on a highly detailed model of an amusement park. The Atari name still resonates in the memories of veteran gamers, as one of the pioneering video game companies, both home and arcade. On 1983However, Atari was the big … Read more

Latest version of Vivaldi browser includes an arcade game – News

Vivaldi launched version 3.4 of its eponymous browser on Thursday. There are the usual technical refinements, but the ‘feature’ that catches the eye the most is… the ingrained arcade game Vivaldia. Vivaldi 3.4 is available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android devices, and the Game can be played on all of these platforms – both … Read more

Analysis Red Wings for Nintendo Switch, the IGM air combat arcade that launches today in physical format

Launched almost a year ago in digital format, Red Wings arrives today in stores thanks to Meridiem Games, who continue to bet firmly on the physical format, either on Nintendo Switch (they recently launched Oddworld Collection) and on PS5 or PS4 ( Terminator Resistance Enhanced). Now it is the turn of an interesting air combat … Read more