Today Chancellor Scholz travels to the USA – “The visit of a petitioner” – Domestic politics

Made! After three attempts, Friedrich Merz (66) is now the party leader in the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus (6th floor – in the office that belonged to Angela Merkel until 2018). In mid-February he will be elected parliamentary group leader, and in four years’ time he could run as a candidate for chancellor. When asked if he would … Read more

Appointment in France: Scholz and Macron live in different worlds

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron formed a couple that worked perfectly on the surface. She called him Emmanuel, he only spoke of Angela. In truth, they could hardly be more different: at the end of a long career it stood for stability, but above all for stagnation. He had bravely fought his way into office … Read more

New Chancellor Olaf Scholz brings important qualities to the Chancellery

Good morning, dear reader, he cannot choose the carpet. That is how it is. You can like that pastel turquoise, but you can also leave it. In any case, he muffles the sound of the footsteps. You can’t hear anyone who walks over these carpeting. That is how it is seen Olaf Scholz be quiet, … Read more

Biden threatens Putin with consequences if he is attacked

DAccording to the White House, at the video summit with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin he threatened American President Joe Biden with consequences in the event of an escalation in the Ukraine conflict. After the two-hour conversation on Tuesday, the White House said that Biden had expressed “the deep concern of the United States and … Read more

Future of the EU: Europe without Merkel? So it goes on

Angela Merkel (center) at the EU summit in Brussels in October Quelle: picture alliance / AA : Zelhet vel eveltettup epel Iekle ple euaepekeuple Bealelnuapeketlu lu pel BV. Fuke BV-BlotuOeleu pellekleu, Zelhetp aluQe Plolheu voleu aevepeu, enek peu htelueleu Uoupelu enpalepla enenkoleu nup lkle 6epe, pel teplaetekleueu Uelkeuptnuaeu vokleup pel BV-6lotetlletteu llet lu pel Zeeklet … Read more

Angela Merkel: “I consider it necessary to make vaccination compulsory”

Germany Angela Merkel “I think it is imperative to make a vaccination compulsory” Status: 09:26 a.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes “Act of National Solidarity” The Executive Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks of an “act of national solidarity” after the consultations with the Prime Minister. This is necessary to lower the infections and to relax the … Read more

Transmission on TV or live stream, today on December 2nd, 21st

Big tattoo for Angela Merkel: The farewell can be seen live on TV or stream on Thursday. Here you can find the information about the transfer. The term of office of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is coming to an end – after a whole 16 years. There are some official events for their official … Read more

Nord Stream 2: will the German-American deal burst?

EActually, the German government believed in the summer that it had achieved its goal. Before Chancellor Angela Merkel resigns, the dispute over the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline should be settled. Shortly after the Chancellor’s visit to Washington, an agreement was announced with the Biden administration: The German government promised to … Read more

Joachim Sauer on vaccination quota: “This is also due to a certain laziness of the Germans”

lppeupeketleu eulaeaeuenuekOeu. „Lek velpe helue Bleaeu en OelueO Bllueltepeu peeulvulleu“, peal pel GneuleuekeOlhel nup BkeOeuu uuu Pnupepheuetellu Puaete Zelhet. lO 6epoloek Oll pel lletleulpekeu Ieaepeellnua „Ue Beonpptlee“, Oll pel VBUI lu pel enluoolpekeu Zepleuettleue UBZP uelpnupeu lpl, pollekl el epel epel ple BeupeOle-Pllnelluu nup ple lOotheOoup lu. VBUI: Vle elhtoleu Ple place ple lO enluoolpekeu … Read more

Corona measures: 2G for football professionals – hospitalization as a threshold value – bonus for nurses

Germany Federal and state measures Hospitalization as a threshold value – partial vaccination should come – 2G for football professionals Status: 06:31 a.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes “We are in a very serious situation” Managing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) sees the need to act quickly and consistently in view of the dramatic corona situation … Read more