Inflation: The government ignores the price-driving effect of its policies

opinion High inflation rates The government ignores the needs of the citizens and exacerbates the inflation problem Stand: 06.01.2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes Energy and food prices have risen rapidly Increased energy prices, delivery bottlenecks and the withdrawal of the temporary VAT cut have fueled inflation in Germany. Economists currently calculate with a three … Read more

Mercedes, VW and Co. in crisis: New registrations at 80s level

DGermany’s automotive market shrank even more than experts expected. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), only 2.62 million new cars were registered in the country from January to December 2021, ten percent less than in the already very weak year 2020. The cause of the slump is cited in the industry as the … Read more

Everyday delivery crisis: the first goods are disappearing from our shelves

DBuy a racing bike in the store and take it with you – that was usually possible in the past. In the meantime, waiting times of weeks and months for the desired model are common. This is due to the shortage of certain supplier parts and production bottlenecks in the manufacturing countries in the Far … Read more

Germans’ concerns for 2022 reveal “worrying findings”

Dhe Germans are increasingly afraid for their money. Almost every fourth German citizen expects their own financial situation to deteriorate in 2022, shows the study “Consumers in Germany” by the consulting company EY, which is available exclusively to WELT. The self-forecast value has thus more than doubled compared to the previous year and is now … Read more

Turkish lira on the brink: Erdogan steers Turkey into bankruptcy

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Thierry Breton: “It is a lie that the EU can become CO2-neutral without nuclear power”

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Federal Reserve: Powell’s secret kowtow against the power of Wall Street

Et is actually the worst poison for the stock markets. A turnaround in interest rates, as announced by Jerome Powell, the head of the US Federal Reserve, on Wednesday evening usually only means one thing: a crash. Financial markets don’t like higher interest rates and usually crash after such a move. But this time everything … Read more

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser: More Afghanistan refugees, no rejection to Belarus

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Norderney: The island of the Corona refugees

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Marco Buschmann: “Emergency calls from the child psychiatry, emotional damage, dramatic learning deficits”

WORLD: In the next week you will be the ninth Federal Minister of Justice appointed by the FDP, Mr Buschmann. Whose tradition do you see yourself in? Marco Buschmann: I see a clear line of tradition from Thomas Dehler to Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, in which I am happy to join. Thomas Dehler built the house. He … Read more