Clueless: Alicia Silverstone uses TikTok to recreate iconic scenes

The most recent feat of the iconic American actress in TikTok was to recreate the seduction scene of Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) toward Christian Stovitz (Justin Walker) in her room. However, more than two decades after the famous take, he now did it in a comical tone with the fashion designer, Christian Siriano. “I finally … Read more

Alicia Silverstone remembered Brittany Murphy, 25 years after the premiere of No idea

On the occasion of a new anniversary of the film Ni idea -Amy Heckerling’s comedy released 25 years ago, loosely inspired by Jane Austen’s novel, Emma-, its protagonist, Alicia Silverstone, remembered what it was like to work with the talented Brittany Murphy. “Brittany was nothing like her role as Tai,” Silverstone remarked in dialogue with … Read more

Wedding bells ring for Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender

Actors Michael Fassbender, 40 years old, and Alicia Vikander, 28, would have proposed to take the big step in their discreet relationship that, since 2014, unites them. There is even the possibility that the two of them are involved in the wedding preparations –Intimate and discreet like their relationship–, according to various sources close to … Read more

Boyfriends in real life and marriage in the movies, Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander finally talk about their crush

Boyfriends in real life and marriage on the big screen. When the promotional work begins for the movie they fell in love with –The light between the oceans-, Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander they have made a small concession to their jealous private life. How did the crush arise between one of the fashionable couples … Read more

How a vegan diet changed Alicia Silverstone’s health and finances

Alicia Silverstone on a FaceTime call from her home in Los Angeles on May 3, 2020. (Angal Field / The New York Times) “There were people in my life who at some point really told me, ‘You really couldn’t do that activism thing if you want to be an actress,’” said Alicia Silverstone, 43, who, … Read more

“The house of the famous”: the drastic change of Alicia Machado after winning the reality show | Instagram photos | Celebs | SHOWS

The Venezuelan Alicia machado He returned to the public eye with “The House of the Famous”, a reality show in which he participated with other celebrities such as Gaby Spanic, Pablo Montero and Manelyk González. Secluded in a television studio set like a house, the artists were monitored by more than 50 cameras that transmitted … Read more

From the adolescent queen of the 90s to the enlightened one of the pseudosciences: the strange destiny of Alicia Silverstone | Celebrities, Vips

With just 19 years he reached the top. It was at the then-called Kodak Theater, during the 1996 Oscar Awards gala. There, on the largest media stage in the film industry, Alicia Silverstone confirmed the status of great “teenage queen” of Hollywood after the success of Clueless. Her Cher Horowitz, the most stylish, popular, and … Read more

“An early lesson in the toughness of Hollywood”: the return of Alicia Silverstone, the first victim of the internet | ICON

Alicia Silverstone made headlines last week for two reasons: for sharing unpublished Polaroids from the filming of Out of the loop the adolescent classic that made her famous in 1995, and for congratulating Harry Styles when the singer went up to collect his Grammy with a jacket whose print paid tribute to the most emblematic … Read more

The recovery of Alicia Silverstone: the sexual icon of the 90 who had to deal with the “haters” | TV and Show

She was the teenage queen of the 90s, when she starred in Aeroesmith videos or played the adorable Cher Horowitz, the young girl who walked around in those unforgettable outfits in “Clueless”. Alicia Silvestone was Hollywood’s golden girl, with a beauty very similar to that of a barbie, but her role as George Clooney’s Batgirl … Read more

Alicia Silverstone explains that we have said her name wrong all the time

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