Again protests against corona measures in Rhineland-Palatinate – SWR Aktuell

Over 4,000 people demonstrated on Saturday in Trier and Koblenz against the corona measures taken by the federal and state governments. Both rallies and counter-demonstrations were controlled by large police forces. Almost 50 police personnel carriers drove into the parking lot near the exhibition center in Trier at noon. First, around 500 participants marched through … Read more

These are the differences between FFP2 and KN95 masks – SWR Aktuell

People from Rhineland-Palatinate who want to go to Bavaria during the Christmas vacation may be surprised: There is still an FFP2 mask requirement in local public transport and in retail – but KN95 masks are also permitted. But what are the differences? Wherever you want to go – before you leave the house, the following … Read more

Stricter corona measures? Discussion also in BW – SWR Aktuell

Because of the increasing number of corona infections, Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Kretschmann has not ruled out a lockdown for everyone again. More and more voices are calling for stricter measures. Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) said in an interview with the “Schwäbische Zeitung” that you always have to act proportionately. However, this harbors “the risk … Read more

New Corona rules for “Alert level I” and “Alert level II” in BW – SWR Aktuell

The state government is tightening the infection protection measures because of the corona situation in Baden-Württemberg. What applies where? An overview of the “Alert Levels”. Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann and Health Minister Manfred Lucha (both Greens) informed about the changed Corona regulation in Baden-Württemberg on Tuesday. It was decided in writing by the members of … Read more

Overview of rules in BW – SWR Aktuell

The number of new corona infections and Covid-19 sufferers continues to rise. Baden-Württemberg is therefore planning a new “alert level” and is increasingly relying on 2G Plus. An overview. In Baden-Württemberg, stricter corona rules with a new “alert level” will come into force on Wednesday. The SWR learned this from government circles. Christmas markets should … Read more

Corona infected people in BW must inform contacts themselves – SWR Aktuell

Baden-Württemberg has decided to change its strategy for contact tracking. Infected people and their contact persons no longer receive a routine call from the health department. Anyone who tested positive for Covid-19 should in future inform their contacts about the infection themselves. The Ministry of Social Affairs decided on this together with the health authorities. … Read more

Investigation committee on flood disaster decided – SWR Aktuell

More than two months after the flood disaster in the Ahr valley, the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament set up a committee of inquiry. A corresponding request from the CDU parliamentary group also approved the parliamentary groups of AfD and Free Voters in Mainz on Wednesday. For the appointment, the 31 votes of the CDU parliamentary group … Read more

PCR Corona test compulsory in BW only in clubs and discos – SWR Aktuell

After strong criticism of the planned Corona regulation in Baden-Württemberg, the PCR obligation is only limited. An antigen test is sufficient in stadiums and for cultural events. The green-black state government had to put up with loud criticism not only from the opposition for its planned new Corona regulation. If, among other things, fans who … Read more

Power failure at “RTL Aktuell” – Peter Kloeppel and Andreas von Thien are moderating from a dark studio>news> July 11, 2021 – 9:03 pm Clock Power failure during live broadcast in Cologne And bang – it was suddenly dark in the “RTL Aktuell” studio. There has never been anything like it: Moderator Peter Kloeppel was just about to announce the next post when the lights went out – power failure in Cologne … Read more

Power failure at “RTL Aktuell”: Kloeppel lights up again

Peter Kloeppel and Andreas von Thien shouldn’t forget this issue of “RTL Aktuell” in a hurry: On a rather inconspicuous Sunday evening, unexpected tension came into the show – due to a power failure in the broadcasting center of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, which also triggered an alarm in the building. But the crisis-tested RTL anchor … Read more