Scientist aims to ensure ‘microbe-free’ Mars samples

Gregg Fields, Ph.D., executive director of FAU’s I-HEALTH and a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover is collecting samples in search of signs of ancient microbial life, which would advance NASA’s quest to explore the past habitability of Mars. The samples are set to return to Earth no … Read more

GoPro drone aims very high

GoPro It will not remain oblivious to the drone fever and has announced a few months ago the departure of its first quadcopter for the first half of 2016. It could not be otherwise, the leading brand in action cameras knows that one of the main purposes of drones is to incorporate a camera that … Read more

Former NASA astronaut Leland Melvin aims to help the next generation reach for the stars

Former NASA astronaut Leland Melvin is working to help the next generation reach the same lofty heights that he did. Melvin, a retired NASA astronaut, completed two space shuttle missions to the International Space Station during his tenure, one in 2008 and the other in 2009. But in the years since then, Melvin has been … Read more

The Banyan Tree group launches five new brands and aims to double its portfolio by 2025

A glimpse of the Banyan Tree Escape, Buahan, in Bali, which is scheduled to open later this year Ambition plans for Banyan Tree. The hotel group based in Singapore and specializing in wellness and sustainable offers has in fact declared its intention to double its current portfolio of 54 facilities across 23 different countries by … Read more

Conca della Campania, an uncontaminated land that aims to promote itself to enhance the excellence of the territory

Conca della Campania presented its offer in Florence at The World in Florence, the first International Festival of Cultural Expressions (promoted by the Romualdo del Bianco Foundation and by the Life Beyond Tourism Travel to Dialogue Movement), a concrete opportunity to highlight the identity of the territories through the narration of those who live and … Read more

NASA aims to replace ISS with one or more commercial space station by 2030

The US space agency is planning to replace the International Space Station (ISS) with one or more commercial space stations by 2030. NASA’s auditing body, the Office of Audits, has produced a report detailing the agency’s commitment to replace the orbiting lab with commercial space stations. Astronauts have lived and worked onboard the ISS orbiting … Read more

In Germany, the future government aims for 80% renewable energies by 2030

Two technicians maintain an Enercon E92 wind turbine in Bernsdorf, Germany on Monday, November 15, 2021. JAN WOITAS / AP It was one of the most anticipated questions of the roadmap of the next government presented in Berlin, Wednesday November 24: how would Germany accelerate its laborious transition to zero carbon? Would the three coalition … Read more

How NASA Aims to Achieve Perseverance’s High-Stakes Mars Landing

If NASA’s $2.7 billion flagship mobile science laboratory, Perseverance, successfully touches down in Jezero Crater on Mars on February 18, the feat will not only open a new chapter in exploration of the Red Planet, but also mark the triumphant culmination of four decades of increasingly challenging landings there. Replete with sedimentary rocks that might … Read more

Contest aims to test Iowans’ ability to grow crops in simulated Moon dirt

If you saw the blockbuster 2015 movie, “The Martian,” you’d understand how difficult it is to grow anything on another planet, and a new competition aims to test our abilities to do just that — but closer to home. Sara Nelson, with the Iowa Space Grant Consortium, says the “Plant the Moon Challenge” is a … Read more

The b2b portal Tbo Holidays aims at the Italian market

From left the regional commercial director, Oran Baker and Christian Lorusso Growth targets for the b2b portal Tbo Holidays, dedicated to travel agencies. “We are entering the Italian market and want to position ourselves as a reference platform for booking global travel content, as well as to introduce new products and not just as a … Read more