Boris Johnson risks collapse

Empty supermarket shelves, no garbage disposal, too few clinic staff: The Omikron wave is paralyzing more and more parts of Great Britain. Despite the chaos, Prime Minister Johnson is ruling out further corona measures. He is counted. Boris Johnson is steering Great Britain through the Corona crisis without a clear course, never before has the … Read more

What can Germany learn from other countries?

Some have already passed the omicron wave, others are right in the middle of it. How are other countries going about combating the new variant – and what does that mean for Germany? Suddenly everything could happen very quickly – at least if you believe Tyra Grove Krause. At the end of January Omikron will … Read more

The most unpopular vice president in the United States

What does Kamala Harris actually do? This question is growing ever more pressing for Joe Biden’s once so promising Vice President. Many now see her as just a bad cast. What does America’s Vice President Kamala Harris have in common with stars like Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali? The renowned US magazine “Time” … Read more

Panel reveals SMS from Trump’s son to ex-chief of staff

Mark Meadows is considered a key witness. He was with Donald Trump in the White House when a mob stormed the Capitol. He was implored to act on the president – even by his son. Now he is threatened with charges. The committee to deal with the attack on the US Capitol has paved the … Read more

The Card Counter is a bleak and repetitive effort mildly saved by the presence of Oscar Isaac: Sydney Film Festival review

Kenny Rogers so famously told us “You gotta know when to fold ’em”, and in The Card Counter writer/director Paul Schrader seems unsure as to which hand he wants to confidently play.  It’s not that this film is poorly made, nor is his commitment to the representation of desolation anything other than pure, but it’s … Read more

New Meat Substitutes are Winning Hearts and Mouths by Focusing on Taste and Texture

More people than ever are convinced things need to change, but we also really like meat. We humans may be omnivores, but we really like meat. Some 86 percent of people surveyed by data-gatherer Statista say their diet includes meat. So, when you read articles about “strong trends toward veganism” or with provocative headlines such … Read more

US military sends 3,000 soldiers to Kabul – Taliban announce capture of Kandahar

The rapid advance of the radical Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan has also taken the United States by surprise. Apparently the second largest city in the country, Kandahar, has now also fallen. The US is taking action. The USA will temporarily relocate around 3,000 additional soldiers to Afghanistan in order to strengthen security at Kabul Airport. … Read more