Blue Origin’s first manned flight – 82-year-old flies into space with Jeff Bezos

– 82-year-old flies into space with Jeff Bezos Wally Funk was a member of a women’s team that was banned from flying into space in the 1960s because of their gender. As the guest of honor of the Amazon founder, she still flies into space. Published: 07/01/2021, 10:46 PM As a pilot, Wally Funk claims … Read more

Wally Funk, 82-year-old woman who trained for NASA, traveled into space with Jeff Bezos on New Shepard flight

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida — After a half-century of waiting, Wally Funk — who trained for NASA’s Mercury program but was denied the opportunity to go to space — finally got her time amongst the stars. She was specially selected by the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, to accompany him, his brother, and auction winner 18-year-old … Read more

An 82-year-old man on a New Shepard system manned debut

Wally Funk is currently qualified to the group of four passengers of the planned demonstration flight of the New Shepard suborbital system by Blue Origin – along with Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark and the winner of the June auction, who bought a ticket for the first suborbital tourist flight on the New Shepard rocket … Read more