studies systems engineering and is passionate about the piano and drawing – Para Ti

The young man was crowned after participating in 53 programs and took a total of 1,760,000 million pesos.

After standing firm for 53 programs, Brian Parkinson, A young student of systems engineering, he was crowned the new champion of “Pasapalabra” by successfully completing the famous Rosco that was in 1,370,000 million pesos. The total is $ 1,760,000 due to the 390 thousand pesos that the participant had accumulated after his consecutive games.

In this way, he is in charge of succeeding the historical Camilo Rubio already Diego Aira, who currently works in the production team of the Telefe program. It will be a July 28 of glory for the young man who came practically by chance to the cycle he drives Iván de Pineda: is that his partner, without notifying him, made a fundamental decision.

In addition, a second victory is scored: to be the first winner since the cycle reached the screen of the ball channel. It is that its participation dates back to the last 25 emissions of El Trece, then the signal decided to suspend it and this year it arrived at the VIACOM CBS company, although it did not do so from the beginning.

Their second debut came on May 17, accompanied by former members of MasterChef Celebrity. Belu Lucius Y Flavia Palmiero. He arrived, defeated his opponent at El Rosco and returned to his position as champion, which he maintained until today.

“I want to send a kiss to my girlfriend who was the one who signed me up. I knew nothing. I had to put a lot into it, you have to read a lot and have knowledge. Before participating I did not know what I know now. I also want to thank all the people who supported, my friends, my family, brothers, brothers-in-law and my three children who I love very much ”, he celebrated, visibly moved.

Her dream is to have a roof of her own under which she can start a family. “This adds up a lot,” he defined. The truth is that today everyone celebrated at home … and on the networks as well. There was even an emotional moment when he put on the chinstrap and melted into a hug with Iván de Pineda. Quite an achievement that took a lot of effort to achieve.

On his Instagram account, Parkinson usually shows two of his great passions: drawing and the piano. Account that he opened with a first photo accompanied by Nicolas Scarpino Y Delfina Geréz Bosco On July 6, Brian shared a series of portraits a few days ago. The faces of Charly Garcia, for example, or that of Rick Grimes (the character who plays Andrew Lincoln in “The Walking Dead” are some of his creations.