StockX launches its first capsule with French brands

Specialist in the resale of sneakers and streetwear, the American platform StockX signs a first capsule centered on Paris, which it entrusted to three brands and designers of the capital, supported by three crews supposed to embody these products.

Maison Château Rouge x Hall Haus – StockX

Launched on July 30, the mini-collection is part of the DropX system, which consists of using “the codes of the Stock Exchange and the force of data, and gives buyers and sellers the power to determine transactions”, indicates the platform. Customers can purchase the item at the asking price, or make an offer.

The three labels selected – which each unveil an exclusive product – are Maison Château Rouge (a t-shirt), Pressure Clothes (a t-shirt) and Kitesy Martin (a necklace). While the collectives chosen to stage them are called respectively Hall Haus (designers’ organization), Hotel Radio Paris (web radio) and JDID (female creative studio).

“This is our first DropX Family launch, in partnership with three of the most exciting streetwear brands Parisian, all highlighted by three crews representative of the urban movement, all exclusively on StockX. By bringing these prescribers together, we wanted to concentrate all the vibration and the living personality of the heart of the city, and give the opportunity to people from all over the world to access it “, explains Derek Morrison, Senior Director Europe of SotckX.

These are very limited editions since only 20 to 30 pieces for each product are on sale, with starting prices ranging between 65 and 100 euros.

Last December, the 2015-born company raised $ 275 million, while its valuation would have reached $ 3.8 billion six months later.

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