Serie A 2022-2023 with World Cup stop. Departure before mid-August?

The start could be anticipated to August 13, for the last day it will go to June

The first autumn World Cup will also change the timing of the next Serie A: given the tangled matter, the League Council will meet already this morning to try to outline the framework of the 2022-23 calendar. The milestones are the dates of Qatar 2022: November 21 the start of the World Cup, December 18 the final in Lusail, north of Doha. The FIFA regulations require clubs to release players one week before the start of the tournament: Serie A will adapt to the provisions, aligning itself with the other European leagues. If the players have to be “released” seven days before the start of November 21st, not one more day, it means that the league will be played until Sunday 13th. After that, the A, like the other national tournaments, will go on hiatus. The duration of the stop will affect the season finale.

Departure and arrival

It is the first time in the history of the World Cup that the competition will not be held between June and July, but postponed for five months: a novelty due to the fact that, playing in a very hot area, in the classic summer period the temperatures would have been prohibitive. The change brings with it a distortion of the calendars of the championships, starting from the start. Serie A next season could anticipate the restart on August 15th, or rather the weekend of 13-14: possible postponement of a week, that is to 20-21 August, as happened this year. But if this time all the verdicts will be official until May 22, 2021, for those of the A 2022-23 we will have to wait until June. The championship will stop for the World Cup, and the scudetto and other sentences will postpone: it can all be defined in the first weekend of June, that is between 3 and 4, or later, for 10 and 11, almost halfway of the month.


The World Cup will elect the winner on Sunday 18 December 2022. Serie A has two avenues for recovery: to restart immediately after Christmas, perhaps with Boxing Day on Boxing Day (as in 2018-19, this time on Monday) and to add another round between end of the year and beginning of 2023, or extend the stop and start again with a midweek on January 4th. In this case the interruption would increase to 52 days, including seven weekends.

In Europe

In some of the great tournaments in Europe it has already been decided. Ligue 1 will start on 6 and 7 August 2022, stop on 13 November and resume on Wednesday 28 December. All on the field also on Sunday 1st January 2023, closing on 4th June. The Bundesliga has set the departure in the same period, from 5 to 7 August, but announcing a stop of over two months: from mid-November, the championship in Germany will resume on 20 January 2023. Last day on 27 May. The Premier has lined up: off to the English championship on Saturday 6 August 2022, after the classic world break in Santo Stefano, and the season finale on 28 May 2023.