“Before strange photos come out …”

Jessica Mascheroni e Davide Basolo they meet again later Temptation Island 2021. It’s been some time since the closing of the reality e Jessica Mascheroni has finally seen the tempter again Davide Basolo, for which she ended her love affair with ex-boyfriend Alessandro Autera.

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Temptation Island, the meeting between Jessica Mascheroni and Davide Basolo

During Temptation Island 2021 the couple formed by Jessica Mascheroni e Alessandro We bring forward. Jessica in fact, already in crisis with her partner before entering the reality show, she got very close to the tempter during her adventure in Sardinia Davide Basolo, so much so as to arrive at the comparison bonfire and decide to leave her boyfriend, who in turn is visibly interested in the single Carlotta Adacher.

The transmission is finished Jessica Mascheroni e Davide Basolo had not yet managed to see each other but the opportunity presented itself thanks to the bachelorette party of a reality colleague, another protagonist of Temptation Island, Claudia Venturini, who will marry Stefano Socionovo in a few days.

To give the news of the meeting, which was also attended by several VIP friends, really Davide that from his Instagram profile he made a story to avoid giving material for future gossip: «So – he explained next to Jessica – before strange photos come out, I make history ».

Jessica Mascheroni e Davide Basolo, despite the proximity during Temptation Island 2021, they remained friends, as explained by the former tronista of “Men and women” in a previous social post: «I love her very much, we feel and she has made her journey, to understand what she wanted in life. I was an intermediary who tried to understand his shortcomings, what he felt and wanted. If my presence has helped her to arrive at some answers, this is the most important thing for me, for the good that I want her and the relationship established.».

Last updated: Saturday 31 July 2021, 6:02 pm