Sojern: The US is returning, but the recovery is slow

Sojern, the world leader in digital marketing platforms for tourism, takes stock of travel intentions of users, because “small companies to big brands – explains a note – have only one need for the ascent: to know the demand with infinitesimal precision”.

Flight bookings in Italy recorded an increase of 101% in October, while hotel bookings stood at + 103%. Important growth compared to a 2020 which, however, it should be remembered, was definitely uncertain in the autumn period.

the flight reservations they are 70% originating from the domestic, Spanish and French markets. However, it should be noted that one of our most important long-haul markets, the United States, returns to appear in the search for flights to Italy (5.7% of those looking for a move to Italy are from the United States). Even the consolidated market of Germany returns to the podium, in third place among those looking for Italy in the autumn.

However, to understand this photograph even better, it is good to compare the data of 2019 (pre-pandemic) with those of 2021: the flight searches towards our country are in ascent 16% even if the real bookings continue to score one decrease of -45%.

As for the hotel reservations, again comparing the complexity of 2021 compared to 2019, the search for Italian hotels marks a -76%, but in real bookings the drop is only 64%. A very positive sign of a return to normality with direct or intermediated bookings, but with less fear if you consider that in April we recorded a tragic -92% (2021 over 2019). Not bad even the summer in the European context where the continental South has played a leading role. In June, Greece even saw growth peaks from 3.7% to 11.7% compared to the already performing 2019.

But Italy has also defended itself well in this context: in a Southern Europe that grows by 367.6% from April to August, Italy is showing a rise of 421.4%. Of course we are facing a completely different landscape if the data are compared to the pre-Covid situation. Compared to April 2019, bookings in August marked a decline of “only” 46%.

“Very high growth rates or large declines can say nothing to a specific tourist destination, or to a hotel chain if the research is not based on the philosophy of a company, its history – he says. Luca Romozzi, Senior Director for European destinations in Sojern- It is becoming increasingly essential in this unstable economic context – continues the director – not to waste your investments on a generic demand that could be intercepted by others, but not by us ยป.

In a fragile environment, Sojern is in an excellent position to support the tourism sector’s recovery in 2021 and help the travel industry implement effective campaigns to stimulate direct bookings between hotels, attractions, airlines and destinations.

The capacity of territorial analysis with a very specific focus that comes from on-site resources able to analyze every trend in real time, becomes an indispensable factor in a moment like this where, more than ever, new technologies are needed that allow the elimination of economic waste, and planning of investments for marketing.