So are the new figures of What If …? Hasbro revealed

There is less left for the premiere of What If …? on Disney + and a new look at the series merchandise has been unveiled featuring new Hasbro figures.

The next August 11th premieres on Disney + What if …? (What if …?), The next Marvel television series to take over from Loki on the grill. This animated series is posed differently from other titles, as it will explore what could have happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if certain events had occurred otherwise.

Little by little we have been able to see more details of Marvel’s new animated series thanks to merchandising and the first collectible figures. With the premiere almost over, from Hasbro They have already revealed their new collection of figures based on the series, with which we have been able to have more information about some characters in the cast.

The Hasbro figure collection It has already gone on sale and includes five figures of different characters from the series: T’Challa Star-Lord (Chadwick Boseman’s last role in the MCU), Spider-Man Zombie Hunter (Tom Holland), Heist Nebula (Karen Gillian), Capitana Carter (Hayley Atwell) y Doctor Strange Supremo (Benedict Cumberbatch).

In addition to these five characters, the collection also includes a figure of Sylvie of Loki. Each of the figures includes a piece of another figure from the Observer (Jeffrey Wright), the narrator of What would happen if…? . If all the parts are obtained when purchasing all six figures, it is possible to assemble an extra figure of the Observer to complete the collection.

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Although we had already been able to see a better look at the characters thanks to the promotional art of the series, it provides new details and confirms some theories that had been suspected since the first teasers, such as Spidey’s new “occupation” in his universe full of zombies.

Even so, and with the teasers, some characters are still shrouded in mystery, such as the Nebula from What would happen if…? , who looks very different from the MCU and appears to be a thief. In the same way, the description in the figure of Doctor Strange refers to a tragic story full of dark magic and it seems that the sorcerer could have gone to the “dark side”, so we can expect very crazy twists for the characters.

Along with the main figures, the Captain America Zombie figure and the Hydra Stomper that appears to captain Steve Rogers in the Captain Carter story have also been put up for sale as part of the collection.

The figures are already on sale on Amazon and other specialty stores for between $ 19.99 and $ 52.99 depending on the figure.