Shorts: the only three styles you need

There are people who get Shorts to go to the theater on Broadway. There should be a law that doesn’t allow it, ”Stanley Tucci (The Devil Wears Prada, Margin Call, Burlesque). And, to tell the truth, reason is not lacking: as with many other pieces of clothing that inhabit our wardrobe, shorts have a delimited and concrete context from which we do not recommend escaping in favor of improvisation. Or would you go in shorts to an office meeting? And to the Paris Opera? We say few things, but we believe that we are understood.

From there to the fact that the existence of shorts has to be abolished there is a stretch pretty vast, yes. After all, they are the weapon that every man needs to survive the high temperatures of the summer season. For this reason, our favorite firms strive every season in turn them into a garment of desire by playing with their proportions and textures and by evoking references from the past that once became the most elegant in the world. Yes, because they also dressed shorts at the time.

Advantages of the current season? You will only need to invest in these three shorts to dress well throughout the summer. By embracing them, there will be no person who frowns upon crossing in front of you. Who knows, maybe even you become their ultimate defender.

Shorts 2021: oversize shorts

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The shorts of the elite basketball equipment were already recoded last summer to combine style and comfort under the same slope. And it is that this nexus was tremendously necessary if we consider that, for months, we did not wear anything other than pajamas or tracksuits.

Then tailored tailored pants and beige chinos shortened their lengths to the knee and increased their width for a silhouette efortless which, in turn, was perfectly studied -especially with tighter tops, which allow a masterful play of proportions-. In 2021, as evidenced by the Alexander McQueen, Auralee, E. Tautz and OAMC collections; this aesthetic clause recovers and it also moves to joggers, with elastic waist, and even jeans.

Shorts 2021: in denim key

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No, we are not kidding. The pants denim short –jort, in English- he’s tired of being considered the ugly duckling from the male wardrobe. With Anthony Vaccarello at the helm of Saint Laurent as its main standard bearer, this model seeks to return to our dressing room so that we stop referring to him as the “summer pants for parents”.

Therefore, the offer of this reference is wider than ever, since You will find it in an infinity of washes, colors and silhouettes, from the most classic to the most fashion forward. For a more sophisticated look, choose an oversized model and Pair it with a basic knit polo shirt and leather sandals. So you will check that this comeback there is nothing apocalyptic about it.

Shorts 2021: the minishort

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Dior Men, Casablanca, Davi Paris, Botter and Ernest W. Baker seem to agree with the rule that the ‘TikTok generation’ established this past year 2020: the shorts will be too short or it won’t be. More specifically, according to this axiom, its length should not exceed 12.7 centimeters.

This model is not exactly a novelty, however. Although now it is Harry Styles and Milo Ventimiglia who have raised the possibility of putting this rule into practice in this new decade, the minishort It was already an indispensable garment in the closets of Steve McQueen, Sean Connery, John Travolta and George Michael (in the 60s and 80s, respectively). Now, this is the preferred alternative for those who are not afraid to take risks and who want to show off the results of their leg training.

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