Rive Droite, ecodesign at the heart of the project

Making the circular and solidarity economy the foundations for the creation of a brand is the desire cultivated by Yasmine Auquier Buron, who worked for nearly ten years at L’Oréal, notably setting up the luxury division of the beauty in Morocco. And it is precisely from this country where she lives, just like her sister Sofia, that the Rive Droite project took root. In their adventure, the two sisters are joined by Aurélie Jansem, ex-Clarins and Yves Rocher, and all three, between Paris and Casablanca, gave birth five years ago to this eco-responsible brand of bags and accessories.

Right Bank Collection – DR

“Morocco is a country of clothing but it is also a hub where the fabric passes through. The idea was therefore to use recycled cotton or offcuts of denim and nylon to design bags, weave them and dye them on the spot. “, indicates Aurélie Jansem.

To do this, business leaders bring together couturiers and help them organize themselves by setting up micro-credits. Equipped, the craftsmen are then paid by the piece, and free to work for other brands.

Weekend bags, or the Darcy, called the anti-diaper bag (130 euros), quickly enjoyed great success, particularly appealing to Center Commercial or Smallable retailers. Today, the brand, which exhibited at the last edition of Who’s Next, is present at 80 resellers and is starting its marketing in Japan via a distributor.

And a sign that the crisis has not marred its success, online sales having led to its growth and no reseller having canceled its order, Rive Droite, which has started a “private label” activity (i.e. the production of for other brands, note), attracts the covetousness of investors and could soon open its capital.

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