twelve months firm required against an accused

A sentence of twelve months in prison was requested, Thursday, June 3, against one of the opponents of the Cigeo project for the burial of nuclear waste in Bure (Meuse), already sentenced several times in the past, while the prosecutor required ten to eighteen months suspended sentence for the other six defendants.

“The defense wished, unfortunately predictably, to make this hearing of a legal nature a political forum”, noted the public prosecutor, Sofian Saboulard, during his indictment before the criminal court of Bar-le-Duc, regretting not to have been able to question the defendants on the facts.

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“A notion irrigates the file, a notion not political as the defense claims, but legal: the organized gang”, added the Bar-le-Duc prosecutor. The seven opponents, four men and three women aged 28 to 48, have all made use of their right to silence.

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“Organized band”

Sofian Saboulard requested a sentence of twelve months in prison against a 33-year-old man, convicted on several occasions for other facts and who has already served seven months of pre-trial detention in this case for “possession of incendiary products in an organized gang “.

For three of the other defendants, the prosecution considers “Established the facts of complicity in the possession of incendiary devices in an organized gang and of criminal associations” during an undeclared demonstration on August 15, 2017, which theoretically made them face up to ten years in prison. The prosecutor requested an eighteen-month suspended sentence against them.

Suspended prison sentences of twelve months were required against two other defendants for acts of possession of incendiary products, and ten months against another for willful violence against gendarmes. The latter burst into tears at the wording of the requisitions. Sofian Saboulard also asked that none of them can hold a weapon for five years.

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The sounds of drums and the songs of many people who came to support the defendants in court reached the courtroom during the prosecutor’s indictment.

All the defendants are opposed to the disposal project of the National Agency for the management of radioactive waste (Andra), called “Cigéo”, which aims to bury some 85,000 m3 of radioactive waste from 2035.

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