drop in hospital pressure, non-reimbursement of the PCR tests in question

The decline continues in hospitals, Monday, June 28, with less than 9,000 Covid-19 patients hospitalized, the lowest for more than eight months, according to figures published by Public Health France. Critical care, reserved for the most seriously ill, had 1,304 patients on Monday against 1,655 a week ago. This indicator has never been so low since October 3. Only 41 patients were admitted to these departments within 24 hours.

In total, hospitals accommodated 8,846 people with a Covid-10 diagnosis, against 8,986 the day before and some 31,000 in mid-April, at the peak of the third wave. Hospital services have counted the arrival of 176 patients in twenty-four hours.

At the same time, 44 people have died from Covid-19, up from 40 a week ago. The toll has now reached 111,041 dead since the start of the epidemic, early 2020. Since the day before, 509 cases of Covid have been recorded with a stable positivity rate for a few days, at 0.8%.

On the vaccination side, almost half of the population 49.7% (33,514,605 ​​people) has received at least one injection and almost a third (32.2%, or 21,735,972 people) is fully vaccinated ( either with two doses or with just one for those who had already been infected or received the Janssen vaccine).

In recent days, the government and health authorities have insisted on the importance of being fully vaccinated to block the Delta variant of the coronavirus, which is more transmissible than other strains.

The issue of non-reimbursement of Covid tests

The question of stopping the reimbursement of screening tests against Covid-19 “Will arise around the start of the school year” in the government, announced its spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, at the microphone of Franceinfo.

On June 23, the National Academy of Medicine recommended “Suspend reimbursement of tests (…) performed for personal convenience (obtaining a health pass, international travel, participation in collective events) in unvaccinated people ”, “In order to rapidly raise the national level of immunization coverage during the summer”.

“Among the factors that can deter individuals from vaccination, we must question the repeated use of RT-PCR or antigen tests which are offered free of charge on French soil unlike most European countries”, had estimated the academy in a press release. The government spokesperson has ruled out this option for the time being as people are still waiting “To have their second dose” and there “Are for nothing”.

In Europe, the PCR test is also free in Denmark, Norway, Montenegro and the region of Bavaria in Germany. Elsewhere, the cost of a test ranges from a few dozen euros to over 200 euros in the UK.

Since the end of December 2019, the pandemic has killed at least 3,925,816 people around the world, according to a report established by AFP from official sources on Monday at noon.

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