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Long before starring in Hollywood hits like “Forrest Gump”, “Catch me if you can”, “The castaway”, “The Da Vinci Code” or “The Post”, Tom Hanks He was the star performer in other films that may not have grossed billions of dollars in gross, but still maintain a remarkable level of remembrance among audiences today.

An example of this could be “Turner & Hooch” (in Spanish “Socios y Sabuesos”), a family comedy released in 1989 in which the California-born plays Scott Turner, a correct and meticulous police officer who seems to be wearing his life without major shocks, until an old friend of his dies and, faced with the possibility that the latter’s dog, Hooch (an extremely intelligent French mastiff, but with highly rustic manners), ends up in a municipal kennel, he decides to take responsibility of your care.

Tom Hanks in
Tom Hanks in “Partners and Hounds” (1989)

An extremely young-looking Hanks, quite athletic and just as talented as his best moments, he was forced to interact with a portentous brown dog. For an hour and a half we will see extremely funny scenes in which the policeman seems to reach the limit of his patience in front of a Hooch who does nothing but ignore his orders inside the house. Although the opposite occurs when it comes to work against crime. There this huge dog displays speed, cunning, but above all a very good memory, serving Turner as a perfect partner, until the unfortunate outcome.

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Thirty two years later, Disney has just premiered on its streaming platform a series that is based on that Hanks film to, through 12 chapters, show us how Scott Jr., Turner’s son – played by actor Josh Peck – he also has his own love story for animals. Next, we will briefly comment on how we thought the first episode premiered on July 21 (the new chapters will be broadcast every Wednesday).

The series is full of parallels with respect to the 1989 film.
The series is full of parallels with respect to the 1989 film.


The first thing that should be said is that the series is full of parallels with respect to the 1989 film. Not only is this Scott a police officer like his father was, but he is just as detailed and orderly as he. But, in addition, he lives alone, so his life, obviously, passes without major mishaps. Even his partner from the federal station, Jessica Baxter (Carra Patterson), tries more than once to “introduce nieces” to him so that his marital status changes soon.

Although without further explanation in this premiere chapter, Scott receives Hooch as a gift from his late father, a dog who, according to what he told him in a letter, “will become his friend for life.” Although first the protagonist of this series resists taking over the huge French Mastiff, he finally ends up making it part of his life, taking him to his work, cleaning the enormous amounts of slime that he drops from his immense snout, but fundamentally having patience and patience with him. serving as someone to trust.

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Regarding the script, the characters and the locations, Disney has taken care to show a consistent product. Scott is indeed a proper cop, albeit a little less cunning and charming than his father (Tom Hanks was the central figure in the police station where he worked). His partner Jessica (pregnant and about to give birth) is alert, agile, and always seems to be willing to listen to him. There is also a boss who seems more serious than he really is. And, of course, this first chapter opens a window to love, initially portrayed by Erica Mouniere (Vanessa Lengies), the head of the police dog training program who ends up with a crush almost instantly by Hooch’s owner.

For 12 chapters, the series shows how Scott Jr., Turner's son (played by actor Josh Peck), has his own love story for animals.
For 12 chapters, the series shows how Scott Jr., Turner’s son (played by actor Josh Peck), has his own love story for animals.

In times of political correctness and good manners, the Disney Plus series brings together all the elements of a production made for the whole family, without major surprises or seasoned resources. Perhaps its strength lies mainly in emotional moments. Scott is a lonely officer and Hooch has no one to greet him. Here, then, there are two beings that need each other to live, to survive, but fundamentally to be happy. And in second place will be the maneuvers and cunning demonstrations of the five French Mastiff dogs that served to play this enormous four-legged protagonist. In itself, a real challenge for any production even in this 21st century.


Synopsis: When an ambitious and responsible American police officer inherits a large, unruly dog, he soon realizes that the dog he didn’t want may be the companion he needs. “Partners and hounds” stars Josh Peck as Scott Turner, son of Detective Scott Turner played by Tom Hanks in the 1989 film. The series also stars Carra Patterson as Jessica Baxter, Scott’s brave and intelligent sidekick; Brandon Jay McLaren, Anthony Ruivivar, Lyndsy Fonseca, Jeremy Maguire, Vanessa Lengies, among others.

Platform: Disney +

Season: 1 (12 chapters)

Duration: 1 hour per episode (approximately) premiered on Wednesdays

Classification: +18

Qualification: ★★★

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