Parisian businesses are calling for a recovery plan

The capital is experiencing a 21% decline in the turnover of its clothing stores, far from the virtual return to normal observed in the rest of the sale (with -1%), according to a study Alliance du commerce et Retail Int. Enough to push five organizations to demand a dedicated recovery plan.


The appeal is launched by the Federation of Parisian Traders and Craftsmen Associations (Facap), with the Alliance du commerce (department stores and clothing / footwear brands), the Confederation of French traders, the Federation of shoe retailers de France (FDCF) and the National Clothing Federation (independent of the sector).

The survey lists, district by district, the losses experienced by Parisian clothing stores by comparing the figures for June 2019 and 2021. The most affected remains unsurprisingly the Champs-Elysées district, with 39% losses. Next come the businesses in the Haussmann district (-33%), whose department stores suffer heavily from the absence of foreign tourists, and in particular Chinese.

Next come the Westfield shopping centers in La Défense (-28%) and Forum des Halles (-24%), as well as Italie Deux (-24%), on par with the shops in the Francs-Bourgeois Marais zone (- 24%).

“The concern here is all the greater with the new traffic restrictions to come,” said the press release from the organizations, referring to the progressive and partial ban on vehicles in the central districts. “The less touristy districts and which attract a clientele from the Ile-de-France region are also suffering strongly (-18% in Beaugrenelle and Commerce)”.

The periphery too

The survey shows in passing that the large shopping areas of Île-de-France are also suffering, such as Les 3 Fontaines (Cergy), Evry 2, Espace Saint-Quentin (Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines) or Val d’Europe. (Marne Valley). Within the city walls, professionals are worried about the future limitation to 30 kilometers per hour for vehicles and denounce the absence of an impact study on this point.

“Anne Hidalgo wants to prohibit car access to the central districts without offering an alternative transport solution for Parisians and Ile-de-France residents to get there. We are already seeing a phenomenon of postponement with a diversion of purchases to shopping centers on the outskirts. “, before the president of Facap, Thierry Veron.

“A couple with a child who went to Paris to buy decoration for their apartment is not going to carry their lamppost or their flower boxes in the metro, they now put them in the trunk of their car in the parking lot of an area commercial. “

Facap is calling today for the debate to be sent to the National Commission for Public Debate, thus calling for a “controlled, peaceful and constructive” debate. And also calls for a period of experimentation carried out on a limited area of ​​the capital.

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