Pantelleria National Park, 700 thousand euros of refreshments to companies in protected areas

700 thousand euros on the way: this is the total number of refreshments that the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Directorate General for the naturalistic heritage, has intended for Pantelleria companies, with registered office in the Environmental Economic Zone.

These are mainly agricultural and catering companies: micro or small businesses that carry out environmentally friendly activities within the perimeter of the National Park and that have experienced the pandemic crisis also in terms of significant decreases in turnover. Of the twenty activities that followed the process, only two did not obtain the extraordinary contribution.

«The Ministry, also through this operation to support businesses that fall within the protected areas, shows great attention to the territories and the entrepreneurs who invest in them. – says Salvatore Gabriele, president of the National Park – The process of the ZEA refreshment points, started by Antonio Parrinello, whom we thank, is now being completed. This is one of the pieces that the National Park places as a basis for building a virtuous path with our operators. The next step is Phase II of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism which will directly involve the operators who will have the task of indicating an integrated way of sustainable development of the island through the enhancement of places and products. Companies, participating in a shared process with the Park, will be able to improve and strengthen services in the name of quality and efficiency».

“The refreshments arriving from the Ministry are for us an oxygen mouth – explains Alessandro D’Amico, owner of the restaurant Le 2 Cale – The Pantelleria National Park has done its part and this has made us understand how important it can be for the island ».

Also Davide Genovese, young entrepreneur who has chosen to settle in Pantelleria and develop his activities here including the Firiciakki Refuge, underlines the importance of being within a protected area. «Being in the National Park helps us and offers us opportunities as in the case of contributions after this difficult period due to Covid. Resources that we will invest in our restaurant to offer a zero-kilometer quality service».