Palazzo Reale di Milano, from today to September 12 art, music and poetry protagonists of Experiri

Credit Art Project

The Experiri project represents an exceptional cooperation opportunity between different artistic, musical and scientific disciplines. It aims to rethink the role of art, illuminating its experiential process from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Born from an idea of ​​the artist Marco Nereo Rotelli, engaged for years in an original research on the connections between art, poetry and light, the project, promoted and produced by Palazzo Reale, municipality of Milano-Cultura, Art Project and 2Changingart takes place in one of the most prestigious contexts of Milan and best suited to host art and culture. After ten years, Rotelli returns to illuminate the historic and monumental environments of the Royal Palace with his art, expressing his creativity in the Caryatids room.

In such a complex path, Rotelli chooses the path of multidisciplinarity, inviting protagonists of international caliber coordinated by Elena Lombardi. Participating, each with their own competence and creativity, the poets Adonis and Yang Lian, the photographer Aurelio Amendola, the musician and DJ Alessio Bertallot, the composer Roberto Cacciapaglia, the physicist and geologist Paolo Dell’Aversana, the philosopher Massimo Donà, the director Franco Piavoli, the singer-songwriter Alberto Fortis.

For five days, from today until 12 September 2021, it will be possible to participate in streaming or in person, by reservation only, to an event in progress: the creation of a “device of the arts” inside the room of the Caryatids transformed into a site of multifaceted creativity. Art, music, poetry and photography, cinema and theater will interact creating renewed symbiosis.

Rich will be the contributions of the guest authors: Maria Vittoria Baravelli, art-sharer; Mauro Bertagnin, architect; James Bradburne, general manager of the Brera Art Gallery; Domenico De Masi, sociologist; Oscar Farinetti, entrepreneur; Antonio Lanzillo, designer; Alessio Lega, songwriter; Francesco Marelli, digital creative, Andrea Margaritelli, president of the National Institute of Architecture; Federica Restani, actress; Pietro Verardo, a scholar of Futurist music.