Roxette Celebrates 30 Years of “Joyride” with Explained Reissue and Marble Vinyl

In March, thirty years have passed since the Swedish duo Roxette released their third album “Joyride”. In addition to the almost immortal title single, it brought other successful hits “The Big L.”, “Spending My Time” or “Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)” and with more than eleven million units sold, Marie Fredriksson became the most commercially successful title, and Pera Gessleho. And just today, on Friday, November 26, the annual reissue is coming out with a lot of bonuses.

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And because there are a lot of those bonuses, the annual version will be available on a three-disc and a set of four vinyls. In addition to alternative versions of singles, it will also offer a few remixes, b-sides of single singles, demo versions, rare live recordings and will be complemented by an extensive 32-page booklet mapping the origin of the entire album. This is also a highly anticipated title for the band’s rock collectors, as they will hear twelve songs for the first time. But there will still be a little more of those physical carriers. In addition to the 3CD and 4LP boxes, two more vinyls will be available for purchase. Of course, black will be available, for lovers of those colors was made an edition of orange-marble. It is gratifying that Warner Music will bring all the formats described above to domestic music stores. The complete tracklist of the deluxe set looks like this: CD1: Joyride, Hotblooded, Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave), Knockin ‘On Every Door, Spending My Time, I Remember You, Watercolors In The Rain, The Big L., Soul Deep , (Do You Get) Excited ?, Church Of Your Heart, Small Talk, Physical Fascination, Things Will Never Be The Same, Perfect Day, The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye, Joyride (US Single Version, Brain Malouf Mix), Fading Like A Flower (US Single Version, Humberto Gatica Mix), Soul Deep (Tom Lord-Alge Mix), Church Of Your Heart (US Adult Contemporary Mix).
CD2: Joyride (T&A Demo – May 23, 1990), Hotblooded (T&A Demo – Jan 23, 1990), Fading Like A Flower (T&A Demo – Aug 31, 1990), Knockin’ On Every Door (T&A Demo – Aug 15, 1989), Spending My Time (T&A Demo – May 24, 1990), I Remember You (T&A Demo – Apr 1, 1990), Watercolours In The Rain (T&A Demo – Jan 24, 1990), The Big L. (T&A Demo – Apr 1, 1990), (Do You Get) Excited? (T&A Demo – Aug 19, 1989), Small Talk (T&A Demo – Aug 30, 1990), Church Of Your Heart (T&A Demo – Jan 8, 1990), Physical Fascination (T&A Demo – Jan 3, 1990), Things Will Never Be The Same (T&A Demo – Jun 17, 1989), Perfect Day (T&A Demo – Aug 23, 1990).
CD3: Sweet Thing (T&A Demo – Oct 28, 1990), Seduce Me (T&A Demo – Aug 22, 1990), Run Run Run (T&A Demo – Jan 10, 1990), Things Will Never Be The Same (T&A Demo – Sep 17, 1989), Love Spins (T&A Demo – Jan 3, 1990), Come Back (Before You Leave) (T&A Demo – Apr 8, 1990), The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye (T&A Demo – Mar 16, 1990), Hotblooded (T&A Demo – Dec 13, 1990), Things Will Never Be The Same (T&A Demo – Dec 13, 1990), Another Place, Another Time (T&A Demo – Jan 11, 1990), I Remember You (T&A Demo – Mar 15, 1990), Queen Of Rain (T&A Demo – Jan 2, 1990), The Big L. (T&A Demo – Mar 29, 1990), Joyrider (T&A Demo – May 22, 1990), Hotblooded (Live Sydney Dec 1991), Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) (Live Sydney Dec 1991).


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