Ocean Day. 5 movies about the seas for you to watch on Netflix

Unless we change our habits and relationship with nature, we are getting closer and closer to an ecosystem collapse. The oceans are a source of food, sustaining a good part of the planet’s economic activities. Likewise, they are responsible for supplying part of the air we breathe and an important part in regulating the climate. To celebrate Ocean Week and make us more aware of the importance of its preservation, we list five titles available on the Netflix, for all ages.

Ponyo Studio Ghibli

In this animation of Studio Ghibli, the Sosuke boy finds a goldfish trapped in a bottle and decides to free it. But what the boy does not know is that it is Ponyo, daughter of the king of the seas. Ponyo uses magic and turns into a human, becoming best friends with the boy and getting involved in fantastic adventures with him. In this way, the film approaches the relationship between humans and the oceans from the children’s imagination.

Even if the documentary doesn’t deal directly with oceans Cowspiracy it is very important for us to understand the negative impact of the livestock industry on the entire environment. The documentary talks about the importance of veganism as a policy in favor of the environment, pointing out data such as the use of water for the production of a steak and the emission of gases above that of cars, for example. Consequently, the pollution that reaches the oceans is included in the consequences of the livestock industry’s production.

And the ocean-cutter Sylvia Earle chose a mission: to create a global network of marine conservation areas that she affectionately calls the Hope Spots, in translation, Areas of Hope. The biologist appeals to everyone who uses the internet, cinema, expeditions and all possible materials to reach the public’s support in this endeavor. Even though the documentary is from 2015, Sylvia remains firm in her purpose, at 86 years old. An example to be followed.

In this documentary, which also points out the problems related to the pollution of the seas, we can learn more about the impact of waste disposal, specifically the accumulation of plastic on the ocean floor. The research shown in the documentary points out that pollution not only affects the environment but also influences the composition of fish, changing their nutritional value and impacting their diet.

the winner of Oscar for Best Documentary 2020 follows Craig Foster and his friendship with an octopus. Although the film is not characterized by didacticism, the preservation message behind it achieves the objective of informing. The look of the seabed, with its colors and countless species, enchants the spectator, bringing him closer to another universe, sometimes little known.

Yasmine Evaristo

Visual artist, draftsman, majoring in Letters – Publishing Technologies. Film researcher, mainly in the fantastic genre, as well as representation and representation of black people in cinema. Devotee of the holy trinity Tarkovski-Kubrick-Lynch.