These Harry Potter actors were in a relationship for 9 years

After the premiere of the special “Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts”, the friendships, romances and secrets of that time came to the fore.

And it is that despite the fact that magic was the main theme of the saga, of course within a set full of teenagers, it was impossible for love not to be born and transcend over the years.

For the same reason, although you have seen the Harry Potter movies several times, and you know some of its most iconic scenes by heart, you may have overlooked the fact that Evanna Lynch, the person in charge of interpreting Luna Lovegood in fiction, maintained a relationship for 9 years with Robbie Jarvis.

And who was Robbie Jarvis? The actor portraying a younger version of James Potter, Harry Potter’s father, during a flashback in which he is seen laughing as he disarms a teenage Severus Snape with a spell.

Robbie Jarvis

Both actors appeared for the first time in the fifth installment of the saga, which was the ideal setting for a love to be born, which they kept hidden from fans and the media for 7 years.

And it was during the last two years of the relationship that they decided to shout their love from the rooftops with a series of photographs on social networks, unfortunately in 2016 they decided to end their relationship.

harry potter couples
Evanna Lynch y Robbie Jarvis
Evanna Lynch y Robbie Jarvis


Even so, both maintain a very good relationship and continue to be great friends. In fact, during 2020 Robbie Jarvis posted a photo of Evanna on top of a boat to wish her a happy birthday.

“The happiest of birthdays to someone who is always delighted to see ducklings!” the actor wrote in the post.

harry potter couples

In addition to the above, to this day both maintain the same ideals regarding veganism, an issue that united them years ago when they both visited Hobbiton, the place where ‘The Lord of the Rings’ was filmed.

According to Jarvis, after being surrounded by sheep at the tourist attraction, Evanna was saddened to discover that she was going to order a lamb burger at a farm cafe, and that’s how the actress began to educate him on the benefits of a style. of vegan life, a practice that lasts in their lives.

Evanna Lynch y Robbie Jarvis
Evanna Lynch y Robbie Jarvis

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