The best unknown games that 2021 left us for Nintendo Switch according to Metacritic

Although they may not be known to the general public, these 10 Nintendo Switch games released this year deserve recognition for their enormous quality. Nobody expected anything from them and they have surprised us, so don’t hesitate to give them a try.

With the year 2021 already over, it’s time to review which have been the best games of the past 12 months. The newsroom has already given its verdict, both for better and for worse … but there is something else.

Sometimes games appear that we barely knew or did not expect anything from them, and against all odds they leave us with our mouths open. And, as usually happens, this 2021 has also given us some examples.

The 10 games that we are going to tell you well deserve their place among the best of the year. They are not big AAA or high-end productions, but they are just as good (or better) than these titles.

For the most skeptical, these recommendations are endorsed by Metacritic. This platform specialized in evaluating video games has notes given by the press and also the opinions of the players.

Little-Known Nintendo Switch Games You Should Play

Although they are not great productions and do not have much media coverage, these Nintendo Switch games are well worth it.

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What does this imply? Well, these 10 games for Nintendo Switch are great titles, each one of its kind, and they also show us that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (as the saying goes).

Do you want to know what they are? Well here you go the best unknown games that 2021 left us for Nintendo Switch according to Metacritic. Give them a try and you won’t regret it, we guarantee it.


The House in Fata Morgana

The visual novel genre is emerging in recent years, and perhaps The House in Fata Morgana is the best possible example.

This authentic masterpiece distributed by Limited Run Games is an example of what a great story can achieve … and that is that it will catch you from the second one.

Straddling the most gothic horror and suspense, The House in Fata Morgana tells a careful mystery story in three long chapters.

In reality, we are facing three interactive adventures that will conquer you with their artistic style, characters and sense of death in life.



Do you like classic FPS from the 90s? Well then you have to try Dusk, a beautiful tribute to sagas like Doom, Quake or Wolfenstein.

Developed by New Blood Interactive and available on the eShop, this classic shooter is addicting to the core.

Dusk rescues the classic 3D gameplay of the first shooters: far-fetched levels, a variety of weapons and enemies, platforming phases and a rock-hard soundtrack. If you are a lover of FPS, this is one of the best examples of the genre in years.


There is no game

The There is no Game saga is quite a celebrity when it comes to playing together. However, things never went as far as with Wrong Dimension, a point and click adventure with tons of humor and hilarious situations.

There is no Game: Wrong Dimension immerses you in a salad of confusion and surreal situations, with tributes to great video games and fresh, addictive gameplay. It is ideal to play in company … and what better than to release it this Christmas, right?



In terms of adventure and visual novels, Bustafellows has surprised us enormously. And is that the title of eXtend will hook you from the second one due to its immersive plot, characters and situations (and it is not as dark as The House of Fata Morgana).

Under a beautiful anime aesthetic, you will put yourself in the shoes of a young journalist, who has just arrived in the city of New Sieg. You will soon discover that you can get into other people’s bodies for a few minutes … and you will be immersed in a plot of investigation and suspense.



Few adventures have dazzled us as much this year as Sumire. This beautiful GameTomo title for Nintendo Switch introduces us to Sumire, a girl who wants to fulfill her wishes … but in return she will have to fulfill the tasks assigned to her by a strange spirit.

What is the grace of Sumire? Well what We must perform these tasks before the end of the day, as Sumire develops in a time cycle of only 24 hours. Something like Alice in Wonderland, but with a Japanese aesthetic. Highly recommended



Can you imagine what a shoot ’em up with insects would be like? Dream no more, because it exists and is called Mushihimesama.

Its Anglo-Saxon title is Bug Princess, and it puts us in the shoes of a young woman named Reco, who will have to find a cure for a dangerous disease that plagues her town.

To do this, he will have the help of his faithful friend Kiniro, a golden beetle on which we will fly through the dangerous forest … full of strange creatures called Koju. Show what pasta you are made on the back of your faithful beetle.


Ender Lilies

The precious Kingdom of Land’s End is in danger, and only the beautiful Lily can save it. Suddenly, a dark threat known as the Withered has ravaged these peaceful lands, fruit of the Rain of Death. Get ready to travel through a dark fantasy world of arms-taking.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is one of Switch’s great metroidvania, which takes elements from Dark Souls and Hollow Knight.

Its beautiful artistic style, a well-measured difficulty and a careful fantasy plot will make you fall in love from day one. A marvel.


Cupid Parasite

And here we have another visual novel. On this occasion, Cupid Parasite arrives to make us fall in love with his crushes, and it is one of the great covers of this 2021 for Nintendo Switch. If you like romantic games and anime aesthetics, we are sure you will love it..

Cupid Parasite introduces you to a Cupid who has run away from his family, and works as a sentimental counselor on Earth. One day, he is given a difficult task: to find a partner with five strange “parasites” (people with a fatal love life). Will you be able to make them fall in love?



One of the great RPGs of the year for Nintendo Switch, and clearly inspired by games like Final Fantasy or Darkest Dungeon.

Undermine is an RPG that mixes action and exploration, whose main premise is to explore different dungeons and farm different elements.

Undermine presents you with dangerous connected dungeons, with great treasures to discover, terrible enemies and a final boss waiting for you in each one of them. If you like RPGs and roguelike games, the Fandom title is a real wonder perfect for you.


What would an action RPG set in a person’s mind look like? Look no further, because here you have it.

Dreamscaper is a frenetic action role-playing game structured in dungeons and with hack and slash elements. But of course, every dungeon is actually a dream.

In Dreamscaper you will be inside the young Cassidy, who suffers from depression and cannot escape her nightmares. Only your subconscious will be able to defeat your bad feelings and internal fears, as we discover how your illness progresses. Original at best.

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They may not sound familiar to you, but these 10 games for Nintendo Switch will conquer you with their enormous quality … and they do not need AAA graphics or a large technical invoice to prove it.

Have you played any of these 10 little-known Switch games? Which one has surprised you the most? You know what they say: first play and then judge, because these titles will leave you a great taste in your mouth … where perhaps you did not expect anything.

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