Nusrat jahan relation: ‘My relationship with Yash was at the bottom!’, Explosive Nusrat Jahan – Nusrat Jahan reveals her relationship with Yash dasgupta was about to collapse

Nusrat Jahan: News of Nusrat Jahan’s pregnancy came to light in the middle of last year. Since then, various rumors and discussions have been going on around him. But he has kept his mouth shut all the time. But recently actor Yash Dasgupta was invited to his talk show. And there Yashrat discusses the details about them.

There was talk of a difficult time for them when they decided to part ways. Yes, that’s right. Yash and Nusrat sat down to break the relationship. Why? Discussions about them constantly on social media, Yashrat broke down in the face of trolls. Yes, they can no longer tolerate personal attacks. So I thought I would never be together again. How did you overcome that crisis? Nusrat Jahan (Nusrat Jahan) also told the story. ‘One day all of a sudden Yash told me to go downstairs and sit in the car with him. At that time our relationship was not good at all. From that moment everything changed. We decided not to give up. We will stay together. ‘ As soon as Nusrat’s words were over, Yash added, ‘Yes, this is how our journey started.’

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Fans have a lot of questions about them. Yash and Nusrat Jahan have tried to satisfy those curiosities through this chat show. And that’s why Yash asks Nusrat how it all started. The actress has no hesitation in answering the MP. He made it clear, ‘I ran away with you. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. This is my love, my choice. I fell in love with you. That was my choice. And everyone knows the rest. ‘

Nusrat then made a complaint to Yash. He said, “Say something good about us, all the time.” And Yash’s answer is, ‘People don’t say good things about us, what can I say.’ In this show, Nusrat said that after deciding to become a mother, various changes started to take place in her body. Not only that, Nusrat said, ‘I did not have control over my emotions due to hormonal differences in the body while having a child in the womb. The other five are like mothers. I used to cry over small things for no reason, even if the house tree died. I would be happy for no reason at all. ‘ The actress also opened her mouth about pregnancy cravings and said that she wanted to eat what she had never eaten in her life. That is banana, the actress used to get up at three o’clock at night and eat banana.


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