Nusrat Jahan: ‘Nach Mayuri Nach’, Nusrat swayed her waist for the first time after becoming a mother – Nusrat Jahan posted a video where she is dancing in a new song

This time the digital desk: Nusrat Jahan met Pekham. Peacock caught on camera. The actress took the fans by storm again in her incarnation. On Blockbuster Friday, Netpara burns in the form of Mayuri Nusrat.

The actress posted a video of the song on Instagram on Friday. Beautiful Nusrat Jahan is seen swinging her waist in the song called ‘Nach Mayuri Nach’. The actress has joined the video under the direction of Baba Yadav. Farzana Munnu in styling. However, Nusrat did not write anything about whether the video was a movie clipping or a music video. However, after seeing the new remix tune in the words of the old song, netizens claim that it is a music video. Luipa sang the song to the tune of Tapas.

Nusrat is sharper in the touch of motherhood. However, the actress returned to work in August, 12 days after the birth of the child. After giving birth to a child five months ago, the actress has opened more forms. Nusrat Jahan looks slim again after shedding excess fat. ‘Nach Mayuri Nach’ – Fans are fascinated by the fit figure of the actress to the tune of the song.

The actress is now drowning in work, leaving the divorce debate far behind. Nusrat has several photo works in addition to his own talk show. The new movie ‘Swastik Sanket’ is going to be released soon. Where Nusrat’s character’s name is Rudrani. An ordinary girl, but she has a passion for cryptography. Not only that, Rudrani also wrote an entire book on cryptography. Nusrat went to London to publish that book. She is accompanied by her husband. Her husband Priyam is an IT worker by profession, Gaurab is in this role. Apart from Nusrat-Gaurab, Rudranil Ghosh and Shaswat Chatterjee are also in the picture. Shaswat will be seen in the role of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. A London actor will also be seen in the role of Hitler. The screenplay of this film is based on the hell signal of Devarati Mukherjee. Since the climax and link of the film can be found holding Netaji’s hand. So the film is planned to be released around 23rd January.

Nusrat is copying Yash! New video in front

Khude Ekartti is also an actress who is immersed in the world along with Yash. Nusrat has also completed a short trip with his son Ishan and Yash on the occasion of his birthday. Recently, the actress invited actor Yash Dasgupta to her talk show. There is a lot of unknown information about their relationship. Constantly discussing them on social media, trolls. As a result of all this, Jashrat’s relationship almost broke down. But the mummy-papar marriage of Ishan is going on with ashes in the face of the enemy.


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