5 Movies That Will Help You Rethink Romantic Love

What comes to mind when you think of the “love”? Perhaps some of your ideas are related to what the cultural products that we have consumed throughout our lives show us, such as books, series, fanfics and movies.

The cinema has been teaching us to love for more than a century, since both the film industry and literature and theater have been responsible for expanding the idea of romantic love, this one that we see in the movies that sometimes normalizes behaviors that are not entirely healthy.

This type of representation conquered several generations, however, with the arrival of the new ones, we have begun to question this established form of “love”, that is why we bring you some films that challenge the concept of romantic love.

Movies that show the problems of romantic love

La La Land (2016)

It’s not a secret that La La Land It made entire movie theaters move and cry and it is that after the whole love story they surprised us with a bittersweet ending where the protagonists know that they cannot be together but that does not stop them from feeling affection and appreciation for the other. And yes, sometimes love is not enough.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

This movie talks a little more about the duel we go through when we try to forget someone, those mental battles we have when we don’t know if we want people with us or we want to completely erase them from our minds. And the subplot about relationships with people in authority is super important too.

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Her (2013)

Her It is one of those movies that you see once and leave you crying and thinking about the reason for your existence for a long time, and although it is set in a fantastic future, it is very close to reality, it shows us the different faces of love, from the feelings that it provokes even the weight of infidelities and the feeling of loneliness. Not everything is honey on flakes.

her movie

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Marriage Story (2019)

Surely when you saw it you enjoyed 100 percent of the performances of the entire cast, but did you notice that at the end it left a strange taste in your mouth? It is because we are very used to seeing chaotic plots with happy endings but that is not the reality, in real life and real love, couples separate and the bonds that are formed for years also end.

marriage story

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Call Me by Your Name (2017)

We know that it is impossible to deconstruct romantic love only with heterosexual couples and representations, and although unfortunately there is not much representation in the community, Call Me by Your Name It is one of the best movies for this case, it reminds us that love does not only exist when a relationship with another person is achieved, but that it lies in the intimacy of souls.

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