Will Kristen Stewart Play ‘The Joker’ To Robert Pattinson’s ‘Batman?’

Once upon a time in 2008, an 18-year-old Kristen Stewart and a 22-year old Robert Pattinson met on the set of the first “Twilight” movie and fell in love. Their relationship lasted several years and went down in history as one of the most incredible celebrity romances.

Their on-screen and off-screen chemistry was so pure and undeniable that it is still a subject of discussion today.

When Stewart and Pattinson split in 2012, it devastated many of their fans, some of whom refused to give up and have tried over the years to push for their favorite former couple to get back together or star in another film together.

An example is a recent petition by fans for Stewart to play the role of Joker in Pattinson’s upcoming Batman movie.
The petition was brought to Stewart’s notice in an interview, and she was asked to share her opinion on the idea of playing a villain next to her famous ex.

Please keep reading to find out all the juice about what she had to say during the interview.

The ‘Joker’ Idea Doesn’t Stoke Stewart

Stewart was in an interview recently with Variety, and she was asked about her thoughts on the fan petition for her to be cast as the Joker in the upcoming “The Batman.”

The “Charlie’s Angels” star said that she isn’t “the most stoked she’s ever been by the idea,” and explained that she was down to figure something else out and play a character that is freaky and scary.

But maybe not the Joker, because according to her, it has “really been done well,” and she would rather “do something new.” Truthfully, Stewart isn’t wrong; many amazing actors have played excellent Jokers, so her fans would surely like to see her do something different and try another less portrayed villain.

Regardless, her thoughts weren’t a definitive no, so fans shouldn’t rule out the idea just yet. It also seemed that her doubts about playing Joker were about the role, not her interaction with Pattinson, her one-time beau. So let’s take a look at their relationship then and now.

Stewart And Pattinson’s Iconic Relationship

Stewart and Pattinson became known as a couple in the hit movie “Twilight” released in 2008. Although it isn’t sure if they started dating while working on the film’s set, it is sure that by 2009, they were a couple.

Their relationship was instantly thrust into the limelight with how famous the two had become because of “Twilight.”

Millions of fans scrutinized their public appearances, they had hundreds of interviews, and many reporters clamored for every little new thing in their involvement.


The two were very much in love with each other, and everyone could see it. Stewart described their relationship as her first mature love in her “The Howard Stern Show” interview. She also said it was more “gu-gung” than her previous relationship because they were older, and she was really in love with him.

Why Their Relationship Ended

So, with how popular their relationship was and how much they loved each other, what happened? Well, the simple answer is that Stewart cheated on Pattinson.

Pattinson broke up with her in July 2012, shortly after Us Weekly released a cover story detailing how Stewart had cheated on him with Rupert Sanders. Stewart and Sanders met on the set of the film “Snow White and the Huntsman,” in which she played the role of Snow White, and he was the director.

Sander’s wife, Libert Ross, also essayed the role of Snow White’s mother in the film.

Months after the story broke, Stewart called the affair “a momentary indiscretion” and publicly apologized to Pattinson. Still, it was too late; the public had cast her as the bad guy, especially considering that Pattinson had hinted earlier in the year that he was going to propose to her.

Eventually, she and Pattinson split, and Sanders and his wife got divorced.

Stewart Thinks Pattinson Is The Best

In her appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Stewart was also asked about her feelings toward Pattinson, and she had only nice things to say about her ex.

She said, “Yeah, he’s the best,” and agreed with host Howard Stern that Pattinson is “a charming guy.”

She also explained that she never spoke much about their relationship when they were together because they wanted to have something exclusively for them. So she and Pattinson agreed to never talk about it.

A photo showing Robert Pattinson in a black suit and white inner T-shirt.

And after they broke up, she kept silent because she was self-conscious about people thinking she was seeking attention and pushing a narrative.
In the end, both stars seem to have happily moved on and are currently in long-term relationships.

This is what is important to many of their fans. Even if some are disappointed that Stewart isn’t so keen on playing Joker in Pattinson’s “Batman” movie, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a future on-screen reunion.

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