Why Ultron Became What If…?’s Major Villain

What If…? showrunner A.C. Bradley reveals why Ultron was chosen to be Season 1’s big bad, citing his limited screen time in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

What If…? head writer A.C. Bradley revealed how Ultron became the main villain of the Disney+ animated series’ first season.

While giving an interview to ScreenRant along with series director Bryan Andrews, Bradley explained the circumstances that led to her choosing Ultron as What If…?‘s first big bad. “Well, I think any comic book lover knows Ultron in the comics is absolutely terrifying,” Bradley began. “Age of Ultron is great but was only one movie and at times, to me, it didn’t seem to give that classic villain enough screen time that I would have given him.”

After joking that Marvel Studios can “only fit so much in those movies,” Bradley added that What If…? was “our opportunity to show what Ultron is capable of.” “And also, now as we’re hitting Phase 4, we have the Infinity Stones in play, we have the Multiverse, so what would happen if Ultron got the Infinity Gauntlet?” she continued.”How bad would it get? And it’s quite easy to jump to complete devastation!”

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What If…?‘s first season ended with the episode “What If…The Watcher Broke His Oath?” which saw the Watcher bring together the Guardians of the Multiverse to battle an Infinity Stone-empowered Ultron. The episode ended with the evil robot—now under the control of Arnim Zola—being trapped in a pocket dimension with rogue Guardian Killmonger, which was then turned over to Strange Supreme to watch over.

Details about What If…?‘s upcoming second season are scarce. However, Bradley recently promised that the post-credits scene from the season finale will pay off in Season 2. She also confirmed that the season will see the debut of the Iron Man and Gamora episode, which she explained was pushed back due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’s impact on the animation houses that worked on the series, and that it will draw from Marvel Studios’ aforesaid Phase Four.

What If…?‘s first season is currently streaming on Disney+ and features many Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) stars voicing their animated counterparts, including Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hayley Atwell, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan,  Toby Jones, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper, Michael Rooker, Josh Brolin, Benicio del Toro, Clark Gregg, Frank Grillo, Jaimie Alexander and Rachel McAdams, among others.

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